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Josephine - Lyon, France

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Hi Teens around the world!! :-)

I would like to share a little testimony with you.  In France you have to do a three-day internship in the 4th year of high school. My mum and I were sending out letters and e-mails to find a place preferably in an international trading company. I asked God if I could work in the company in my village because it would be so practical and in walking distance, even though they were very busy around Christmas time. Sadly it didn't work out and I was panicking because I realised that I had started my search too late and that it was now only one week before the internship should start. But I continued praying.  Then my mum had the idea to ask at the reception of some well-known hotels if they would need an intern. Already at the second hotel called "IBIS" they accepted me - I was so relieved and happy! Here are two scriptures I found about that situation: "WHATSOEVER YE SHALL ASK OF THE FATHER IN MY NAME,, HE MAY GIVE IT YOU.." JOHN 15:16B and "FELL ON HIS FACE, AND PRAYED, SAYING,, O MY FATHER, IF IT BE POSSIBLE, LET THIS CUP PASS FROM ME: NEVERTHELESS NOT AS II WILL,, BUT AS THOU WILT.." MATTHEW 26:39 I thought that I would work in the company in my village, but God had another plan for me, a much better plan. It doesn't happen how you think, but how God plans it for you. :-) Praise the Lord!!! God answers our prayers!! :-)

Love in Christ, Josephine 

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