God Healed My Eye!

Daniel - Hatfield, England

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Hello everyone,
I would like to share a testimony with you on how God healed my eye. 
During Easter in 2013, I was playing badminton with some of my friends. We had a lot of fun playing doubles and at the end of the match, my partner (who was right next to me) did a power shot, and it went straight into my eye! I fell onto the floor holding my eye and was in absolute agony. I tried to open it but I couldn’t.  My Dad looked at it and saw that there was bleeding in the iris and there was no pupil reflex. He immediately prayed for it, we then went to the hospital. At the hospital (after waiting three hours in A&E) a doctor put a dye into my eye to check my cornea, but couldn’t really do anything because he was not a specialist. So next we went to an eye specialist hospital in London. They were a lot more helpful, they did some tests and found out that the muscle which controls the iris/pupil was damaged and that my right pupil was permanently dilated. They gave me some eye drops, which I had to take regularly. My eye was not getting any better, my colour perception was mixed-up; all of the colours were different, my pupils were completely different sizes and my eyesight was blurred! So we kept on praying, asking the Lord to completely heal my eye, so that I could see properly again.

When we went back to the hospital two weeks later for a check-up, they said that there was a high risk of me becoming blind in the damaged eye. This made us to pray even more fervently, but there was nothing we could do other than to trust God and let Him deal with it. 
When we returned for another check-up, the eye specialist said that the eye had improved significantly and it was no longer likely that that eye would go blind! 
Over time, my vision in the eye has become better and better, there was no colour perception difference between the eyes and the pupil reflex has started to work properly - now I can see perfectly again!

JAMES 5:16 "..pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" 

EXODUS 15:26
PSALM 103:3
1 PETER 2:24 "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed"

Praise God for He healed my eye!

Love in Christ,


Thank you for sharing this testimony I'm also having issues with it with with my my right eye I went blind and when I went to go to the doctor to have my retina Jackie did something to it and cause an infection so I'm also praying and trusting in God because there's actually nothing I can do

Woke up swollen eyes dark swollen lids & going down cheek, both eye blurry. .. I put drops now one knows why.. I have been praying . I hit the back of my head . I hope it is not from that. Need prayers.. thank you..

I was diagnosed with myopia/ extreme nearsightedness in January (although I've always had a strong prescription for about 15 years). I was sent to an ophthalmologist for a recommended ICL procedure to correct my vision problem, and there were severe complications and the procedure had to be reversed, which left me with "low vision" in which I could only see colors and white fog for about a week. When my vision began to come back, I am left with smudges/ blurs, my right eye still cannot see clearly with the new glasses and contacts because my iris is scarred/ defected due to the procedure, and my pupils have not returned to their normal size after three months. I have light sensitivity, pain, develop headaches regularly, I have discomfort driving and working, and my vision is now worse than what it was before. My medical records note a cataract, acute glaucoma, and an iris defect- none of which I was diagnosed with before the procedure, which was supposed to correct my nearsightedness. I am 27, and I have a lot of living to do. Please pray for me. I know only God can restore my vision to what it was and make me whole and functional again. God please heal me as only You can.

I am diagnosed with myopia, back six years ago when I was beginning to only be near sighted. During the years my eyesight has gotten nothing better, only worsens. I know God can heal me, I He's supernatural and would like others to pray for me as well for me

Hi Friend, We just prayed for you and also commanded the healing of your eyes over myopia. God bless, continue seeking him. He wants to lead you to a closer relationship.

Thank you for your testimony. I was googling headings of eyesight and came across yours. I've been praying for two years that God would completely restore my right eye which was damaged ft a brain tumor (I had surgery to have the tumor removed). My right eye has slowly becoming better , but sometimes it gets discouraging that it takes so long. All I know to do is to keep trusting and believing the Lord!

My son had a tiny piece of metal​ go through the into the bone in the back of the eye. He's 22 and a fine son. He has had some great things happen w/ the eye but it seems to be getting blurry and we are all afraid. He wants to join the Military. This has been so very difficult. Plz lift up my son w/ your mighty prayers. His name is GIANCARLO (Johncarlo). May God bless you in the ministry

I dontbwant to be blind. I trust God. I just don't know which path to take.

God is our healer, as Psalm 48:12 tells us. Trust and believe that you will see again in Jesus name. amen!

Father I lift up this person before you you know exactly who she is father God thank you for the blood of Jesus and I speak your precious blood into her eyes saturating every cell and tissue in her eye. Crying out on her behalf to heal her thru your precious blood. In Jesus Name Amen

Morning noon and night speak the Blood of Jesus into your eye every drops or medication you were given for your eye sprak the blood of Jesus over it. Ask Him to rejuvenate every cell and tissue in your eye. Use the BLOOD OF JESUS. AMEN

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2006 and at that time the doctors didn't know which one. All they could see was that inflammation was in my left and right eye. After getting caught in the " word of faith movement " I was taught sickness was a curse and that going to doctors meant a lack of faith. So I didn't go for years although I could tell my eyesight was significantly declining. Fast forward to 2014 with stress and and confusion about the bible I ended up getting shingles on the left side of my face and eye. I finally woke up and faced reality, thanks to the Holy Spirit, and realized the whole word of faith movement is satanic. Now in 2017 I am blind in my left eye and can only see blotches of light an shadows of human figures. I had laser glaucoma surgery and still awaiting full results. Finally got the eye steroid drops and the inflammation was so bad that the doctors put me on a get high dosage in both eyes. That resulted in cataracts in both eyes, even the good right eye is blurry and hurting now. I'm so confused. I know that God is a healer. I keep holding on and waiting patiently. It seemed like my eyes were getting worse and they wanted to do a second glaucoma surgery. And also now they say I have corneal issues as well. GOD HELP ME. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.

Hi Daniel.

I also had an eye accident. My right eye was hit by a rubber band elastic that is used during exercise. It was a month ago.

I can see but my vision is still blurry. I want to ask, how long did it take for your vision to go back to normal. I do feel hopeless now but still I keep on praying to God that He is going to heal me.

Hey there! I go to a supernatural church. Its called King Jesus Ministry. And I can tell you that yes your vision will be healed. Keep praying and worshipping God. Kepp at it. He will raise your faith. For everyone it takes a different amount of time. It depends on your faith and your relationship with God. Worship the Father your God. Even when your exhausted and you don't want to worship, go worship. When you don't have time for God MAKE TIME FOR GOD.

Hi there,

Through prayer, three years later I got the confirmation that my vision is 100% back to normal! Praise the Lord, He has completely healed me from this injury. I went from being at a high risk of becoming completely blind in that one eye, to my eyesight being faultless!

I will keep your injury in prayer, trust in the Lord and fight on in prayer. He will heal you.

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