God Healed Grandpa's Fingers

Josephine - Lyon, France

Photo of Josephine
Hello everyone, 
I would like to share my testimony about the healing of my grandpa. 
My grandpa from Berlin sent me a letter asking me to pray for him because he had pain in his fingers and thumbs. The pain came from cuts on the top of his fingers. These cuts slowly healed, but other cuts opened and it continued like that for weeks and months. It hurt when he played the accordion or when he used his fingertips. Of course he tried out many different creams to get it to heal and went to a doctor, but it didn’t help. So I prayed for him every day. 
Six days after receiving the first letter I got his second letter where he thanked me for praying for him, because he felt his hands were healing. Praise the Lord!! The doctor treated, but the Lord healed him. 
Love in Christ, Josephine

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