Former Methodist Pastor Receives the Holy Spirit!

Doug - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Photo of Doug

Hi to all,

My name is Douglas H. I was born in 1920 and grew up on a dairy farm in Dorrigo on the east coast of Australia, not too far away from Coffs Harbour. My parents were Christian believers and I had the privilege of being brought up in the ways of the Lord.

While growing up I spent much of my time looking after cattle, milking cows and dreaming about airplanes. When World War 2 started I joined the Australian Army, as did many my age, and I fought against the Germans in Africa and against the Japanese in Borneo and Papua New Guinea. During the war, I remember one incident where the Lord especially protected me. A German fighter plane flew towards us and we thought this would be the end, as we all waited for bullets to start flying towards us. Miraculously however, the pilot did not open fire and our lives were spared!

After the war, I moved back to the Coffs Harbour area and joined the local Methodist church. Following the Lord was the main desire in my life and I wanted to serve Him more and more.

From a young age I knew that the Anglo-Saxon nations are ‘God’s Covenant People’ and of the special role they have been set to fulfil. I was amazed when I learnt that God had chosen a group of people specifically for His work here on earth. This gave me confidence and great joy that God has planned the future of my homeland, Australia. I know that we are His people and are in His hands. I was happy to find out that we are playing our part as a nation in God’s greater plan.

I always believed that we had to take God's Word literally...

In 1974, I became a Methodist Pastor and served in Nelson Bay and on Norfolk Island. I always believed that we had to take God’s Word literally, so one Sunday morning I preached about divine healing and invited the sick amongst the congregation to come forward and receive prayer in Jesus’ Name. Five sick people were instantly healed!

Such miracles happened on more than one occasion and another time I remember we had a family in our church that had a very ill child. His head was deformed and badly lopsided. The doctors could not help the child and it was obvious that he needed a creative miracle. We all joined in prayer and in front of our eyes, we saw God perform a wonderful miracle and the child was completely restored. Praise the Lord for His healing power!

Sadly, some people in our church were not too pleased with me taking God’s Word so literally and more and more I became aware that I did not fit in with them. It was especially during this period that we searched God’s Word and waited on Him for answers. We became aware that we were missing the “power from on high” spoken of in depth in the Book of Acts and that we could be filled with the Holy Spirit according to ACTS 2 & MARK 16, with the visible sign of “speaking in other tongues”. We became aware that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is what God wanted us to be endued with, to fully equip us for His ministry.

We started to seek the Lord earnestly asking Him for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Through the former Mayor of Coffs Harbour, John S., we heard about a group who took the Bible literally and they preached that one can still receive the Holy Spirit in the same manner as the disciples did two thousand years ago. has changed my life so much.

We knew that this was for us, and my wife Rita and I invited Pastor Scott to our place. He expounded the scriptures on the subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in more detail. After a while, we prayed together and Pastor Scott laid hands on us and prayed we would receive the Holy Spirit. Later we were also baptised in the pool at the Pacific Towers. Thank God I received the Holy Spirit, as it has changed my life so much. There is indeed more to the Christian life than just going along to a church service on a Sunday.

I enjoy every meeting, the fellowship, and all the lovely kids who love to climb on my lap and say “Hi” to Uncle Doug. Praise the Lord that He has blessed me with His gift of full salvation.

In the love of the Lord, Doug