Fingers Healed!

Karin - Toronto, Canada

Photo of Karin

My name is Karin and I live in Toronto, Canada.

Some years ago, when I was 12, I was closing the door to our bathroom, but I didn’t let go of the door in time so my fingers got caught in between the door and they got squeezed quite tightly. My fingers were starting to bleed and swell and it hurt a lot! I phoned my dad, because I thought he would make me feel better. But he said that Andrea, my sister, should pray for my finger and the pain would go away.

So I went to Andrea and showed her my fingers and asked her to pray for them. By then, my fingers were really throbbing and I couldn’t move them. But I was somehow really sure inside that God would heal them. Andrea said “sure” and prayed a short, but fervent, prayer. As soon as we said “Amen”, something relaxed in my fingers and I wanted to move them. I moved them and nothing hurt! The bleeding stopped and swelling stopped right then and there too!

We were both so excited! God had healed my fingers just like that! I was so happy and jumped around the house, singing and dancing. That was the first time God had ever healed anything so quickly and after that experience I know that if you have a desire and faith, even if it’s as small as a mustard seed, to see something healed or done, then God will heal or do it! This was a great discovery and gift from God and I will never forget that if you pray right away with faith, God will act.

Love in Jesus, the Mighty Healer,


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