Finding the Meaning of Life

Blondy - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Photo of Blondy

Hi folks,

This is the story of how I was converted, and of how God changed my life and gave me everything I had ever longed for.

Even as a child I sought God by reading my Bible and going to church now and then. I had a strong feeling that God had something in store for me. However, when I was 12-years-old my parents got divorced, which was a real shock to me, and this had a great impact on my life. Although I had many friends, I no longer had the joy and happiness in life that I had before this event. My parents noticed this of course, but my depression went on for years. My studies went downhill and I quit school one year before graduating.

At this stage I was really desperate for something positive in my life. My dream was to move to another country (preferably Canada or Australia), and have a family, friends, a house, dogs, etc. However, I was afraid of marrying, as I thought that what had happened to my parents’ marriage, would happen to mine as well – divorce. This thought almost killed me (literally), as life didn’t make any sense to me anymore.

After working for one year, without having an apprenticeship, or much hope, I was called for compulsory military service. During this time my life changed dramatically.

I had never experienced that kind of care and frienship before.

While I was in the army, I stayed in the same room as a guy who preached to me from the Bible and seemed more sincere than anyone I had ever met before. He also showed a deep interest in my life and started to build up a friendship with me. I had never experienced that kind of care and friendship before. When the three months of basic training finished, I decided to follow the Lord and be born again, because I realized the Bible is not just a book talking about “a nice fellow up there”.

From then on, the Lord moved powerfully in my life and many miracles happened. All the glory goes to God that I now live in Australia, I’m happily married, have friends who truly care about me, and I have a very big family in Christ! Even my parents are back together, which is a miracle in itself!

Love in Christ, Blondy