Healed after Touch From the Lord

Jacques - Paris, France

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Bonjour everyone,

I'm Jacques and I live in a small village about 100 km southeast of Paris. I would like to share with you a healing testimony I experienced some years ago.

I was sick with fever, so my parents brought me to a paediatrician. She diagnosed that I had a general infection that included otitis, bronchitis and angina. The doctor was quite concerned about my case and prescribed a long list of medication. My mother went to the chemist, but it was closed.

When my mother came back, she told me that God wants to heal me. In the evening she prayed for me whilst I was lying in my bed and she showed me an English book showing pictures of miracles that God has performed. One of these pictures showed a little girl that was dead, and Jesus prayed for her and she rose again. This gave me hope that I could be healed. (See LUKE 8:41-56)

During the night I saw a small shining dot, which came closer and closer towards me. Then I could see a man with white clothes shining - He touched my head with His hand and said you are healed and I was healed! The day after I went to school completely fit.

I'm happy that I got healed that night. It warmed my heart so much that I still remember it today. I will never forget it!

Praise the Lord, Jacques

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