Exam Panic, But God Brought Me Through!

Joana - Hatfield, England

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Hi everybody, 
I’d like to tell you how God answered my prayers and blessed my mock exams.

I am in the first year of Sixth form, (final two years of secondary school), and recently had my first mock A-level exams a week after the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, in the past I have been rather disorganised and lazy, which had badly affected my schoolwork, as I would rather listen to ‘worldly’ music and waste time on the Internet than prepare for my exams. This meant that although my results were not terrible, they had the potential to be a lot better if I would put in the effort. 

It had escalated into a cycle of achieving lower than was expected of me, and my blaming God for not automatically giving me ‘A’s because I had prayed. I quickly realised that I had to change this as it was not helping my spirit, nor my exam results!

Over the New Year, I prayed that God would change my spirit and attitude towards work, and would motivate me to work to His Glory. I no longer wanted to demand good grades to glorify myself, but wanted God to shine through my work in school. 

1 CORINTHIANS 10:31 "… whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God"

However, I soon began again to doubt God’s ability and strength as the time of mock A-level exams drew closer. I still had a huge amount of material to revise and the stress of revision overtook my desire for fellowship. I began to confess ‘I can’t’ do this, ‘I can’t’ revise, I am going to fail… I started to worry and panic, and at first refused to travel to Scotland for a convention for fellowship with fellow Christians, as I knew that I would loose valuable time that I could use to study. All I felt was stressed, sick and exhausted as the fear of failing began to grow!

On the night before one of my biggest exams, I started to panic, as I could no longer remember any of the material I had been learning that I needed for the next day. I could not sleep or think clearly, and slept less than 2 hours trying to cram in last minute revision for the 8 essays I had to write in 3 hours. From a worldly point of view, to pass this exam was almost impossible due to my lack of sleep and revision. At 3am I could not take it any longer and broke down. Suddenly I had a strong urge to pick up the book ‘What you say is what you get!’ by Don Gossett, which I had been putting off reading. The minute I began to read I felt a strong sense of peace flooding over my body.

MARK 11:23 tells us that there are only two conditions given to receiving “whatsoever” that you say. The first given is ‘believing’: you have to believe in your heart that what you say will come to pass. The other is speaking: you must say whatever you are believing in order for that thing which you say to happen. It dawned to me that whatever you confess, you will possess. If it is a negative confession, then the results will be negative. If I continue to confess “I can’t pass these exams”, then I cannot pass as I am contradicting God’s promise in his Word – I am effectively calling God a liar.

PHILIPPIANS 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

I knew that if I give my best, I can have peace knowing that it is up to God to do the rest. At this revelation, I was filled with a joy I had never before experienced! I walked into the exam with an immense feeling of peace and acceptance that God had already helped me to pass the exam. When I had sat down, I noticed that the questions on the paper where exactly the ones that I had revised for. This for me was just another confirmation that God was guiding the whole situation and I continued to Praise God for his grace.

To cut a long story short, I received 3 ‘A’s out of my 4 subjects, of which two of my teachers told me that I had the highest mark they had ever seen at this stage in their career. This opened the doors for me to witness to my friends – this time giving God the glory instead of taking the credit for myself ☺ 

Never again shall I confess “I can’t”.


Thank you for your inspiring testimony! God bless you

I really thank God for you am also in the same situation that you were before... and this testimony has boosted my faith in God.

God is great , his works are wonderful

Hi....I'm really prompted by your restimony to share what God has done for me.I'm in my twelfth grade.And i have been the grade's Top achiever throughout the year.But God made me realize just how prideful that had made me become.It was all I lived for.When i wrote my finals,i felt i hadn't done as good.But that was God stripping away the self-enthrownedness that was in me.Leading me to depend on him.He gave me a vision of Him holding my hand,and helping me manoeuvre through obstacles.And it was that vision that made me realize that i had to depend on him.And now,I'm awaiting my results with great anticipation to be left in awe by his favor and greatness
God bless

Hey, currently having my exams next week and your testimony really helped. Thanks a lot. :)

God Bless.

Hi there, thanks for your message! :) I will keep your exams in prayer, and have faith that if you trust completely in Him and work to His glory, he will bless your exams. In my actual AS results that i got back in August, i actually only got AABB, one of the B's being in ethics, my strongest subject. As i was preparing for my ethics exam, I began to feel the stress and refused to go to one of our church meetings because i thought that it would prevent me from getting that A that i had been getting all year long in practice papers. Although at first I was angry at God as well as myself, I now realised that I had been only focused on getting As in my exams in order to feel proud, and had been working hard for myself to make myself look good, instead of for God. Even if you do not get straight As and A*s, remember that it is in God's hands and that there is a reason - for me, this was a lesson to humble myself and not be prideful of my results because it was through God that I achieved them! God bless...