Testimonies about Overcoming Drug Addiction

Freed after 20 Years of Heroin and Methadone Addiction

Photo of Sabine

Sabine - Munich, Germany

On the third day of my withdrawal the symptoms started to show. Surrounded by a group of people, which believed that they could help me to overcome my 20 years of heroin and methadone addiction, I was sitting in the nice, bright and clean flat of my Christian friends. Like many other addicts I had tried countless times to break off. I had tried heroin substitutes like codeine and methadone but through these I became hooked even more. I had tried scores of times to undergo a complete withdrawal, five times under medical observation in different hospitals. Nothing could keep me away from drugs in the long run. When my GP eventually classified me a hopeless case, I understood that I would die as a drug addict like many of my friends before me...

Saved from Evil Spirits and Drugs

Photo of William

William - Fife, Scotland

At the age of 12 I was already drinking hard alcohol (rum), and one year later I started to smoke cannabis. This totally messed up my schoolwork, as I was smoking it almost every day. I ended up with a criminal record at 16, and without any education, I was homeless and always in trouble... 

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Henry - Glasgow, Scotland

A feeling of paranoia had come into my life and had powerfully taken possession of my whole being. I knew that I couldn’t take any drugs any more as I was already close to insanity and further attempts of drug consumption had re-triggered symptoms of the horror trip of that night.  At one point I even thought about suicide, but I had this one hope, somehow I knew that Jesus could help me in all this...  

Freed and Healed to Start Again

Photo of Chris

Chris - St. Petersburg, Russia

I experimented with various uppers (amphetamines), downers (tranquillisers), trips (L.S.D. and “magic mushrooms”), opium, and cocaine. I continued in this way for the next ten years, with cannabis as my first love. I did notice my short-term memory getting confused, and my speech and handwriting getting sloppy, but was convinced that I did not have a drug problem. One day a friend asked me if I had ever heard of Jesus Christ... 

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Bob - Brisbane, Australia

As long as I was with my friends I thought what I was doing was okay. However, sometimes after coming home from a party in the early hours of the morning, really “stoned”, I looked into the mirror and asked myself, “Do I really know myself, do I really feel happy?” My honest answer was, “NO”. So I went to bed very quickly to try and forget everything...  

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Anja - Athens, Greece

Between the ages of 16 and 20 I simply took every drug I could get hold of: marijuana, speed, cocaine and LSD. I often took too much and did not know what reality was any more, or where the world of delusion and fantasy started. I often tried to get away from the drugs, but the people I mixed with, and the fear of facing reality, pulled me back into the drug scene. I saw no way out... 

From Panhandling to Plenty

Photo of Marie

Marie - Chilliwack, Canada

I was living a life of pure selfishness, taking advantage of everyone around me and using them for drugs or sex. Through my lifestyle I destroyed any hope of gaining a good job and fulfilling my many responsibilities, including being a mother to my son. I often lied and cheated, stole and played with many hearts to satisfy my desires... 

Joy Instead of Drugs!

Photo of Gordon

Gordon - Perth, Scotland

I was smoking cannabis on a daily basis and if I had to go without, I suffered from stress and tension, becoming easily upset. I was also using other drugs such as speed, ecstasy, acid and magic mushrooms. My life reached an all time low... 

Saved from Drink, Drugs, Depression and Self-Loathing

Photo of Roger

Roger - Edinburgh, Scotland

In my early twenties God really showed me his power. I remember sitting in my parents’ living room and it was as if God was physically touching me on the top of my head. I got up not wanting my parents to notice anything going on. I walked down the road and got on a bus. I was laughing – I’d never laughed before and I was crying at the same time. God’s power started to go through me, right through my whole body, down my arms, right through into the tips of my fingers and toes. Looking back I know now that it was God’s cleansing blood going through me and I was bought from this world...