God Looks After Our Needs In a New Country

Maria - Biberach, Germany

Photo of Maria

My name is Maria Zell and I would like to share a testimony with you about the time I spent as a missionary in France.

When our church started a missionary work in Lyon, my husband and I were the first to go. During this time, God really cared for us in many miraculous ways.

...I didn't give up and during the second day one of the companies I wrote to phoned

On our arrival in Lyon, we lived in a youth hostel and we both needed to find jobs. My husband told me to send some copies of my CV to different companies and then to spend two days thanking Jesus Christ for His care and help in advance. This I did by reading the Bible and praying. I must admit though, that during those two days, I had many doubts as I couldn't speak or understand any French. Nevertheless, I didn't give up and during the second day one of the companies I wrote to phoned and asked to speak to me. Due to my very poor French skills it would have been impossible for me to say or understand anything, so I asked the youth hostel receptionist to answer and arrange something! It was a French company and the next day after speaking to the boss in English I got the job. A few days earlier, my husband had already found a job. The fantastic thing was that we both worked in the same industrial area and our companies were only a few hundred yards from each other. God really answered our prayers in a very short time.

Now that we both had jobs, we were able to look for a house or flat. Some friends we had met in the youth hostel provided us with various addresses and so I went to check one of them out. This was a four-storey building and after ringing the bell, a nice lady opened the door. I asked her if I could speak to the caretaker of the set of flats. She then said: “Oh I’m sorry, but I’m the house keeper of the buildings behind these ones." I then asked her if there were any flats available for rent in her buildings, but she told me that the last one had just gone today. At that moment her telephone rang and she went into the house. She came back with a big smile and said, “This is really strange, but the other person I just mentioned doesn’t want to take the flat anymore, so you can have it.” I was overjoyed and just thanked God. Two weeks later, we were able to move into our new home. Praise the Lord for all He did and is still doing.

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