From Darkness into the Light, Now I Know I've Got the Right Cards

Katherine - Östersund, Sweden

Photo of Katherine

As far back as I can remember I always believed in God. Even as a child I knew that life didn't happen just by chance. I even experienced 3 miracles before the age of 14:

The first miracle happened already during my birth.

It was a breech birth: Instead of my head, my feet came out first. This meant that there was a high chance that the umbilical cord could strangle me and I would die.  At that time medical science was not as advanced as it is today. There was also a shortage of doctors present in the hospital that day. So my mum and I had a 50/50 chance of survival. Eventually the doctor came and my mum gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The next or second miracle happened when I was 5 years old.

I went to a swimming pool of some of my relatives. It was the first time I went swimming without my parents. My relatives had fun in the deep pool and thought  I could join them there, too. But I could hardly swim at the time. So the inevitable happened: I drowned. I only remember going into the water and a short time later sitting at poolside coughing out a lot of water.

The third miracle happened when I was 13 years old.

I was on holidays in Italy. It was a really hot summer’s day. So I went for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea to cool off. It was so nice to swim in the sea that I did

...I started to panic and scream for help!

not realize how far I actually got away from the beach. But when I did realize it I started to panic and scream for help. But nobody heard me. It felt like as if a strong current was pushing me more and more away from the bay. I tried to swim against this current, but I had no strength left. The last thing I could think of was to pray to God and ask Him to help me. I prayed: "O God, please help me - I do not want to die ...".  After 5 minutes of repeating this prayer over and over again, I suddenly felt some extra strength. Miraculously I was able to swim back to shore and safety.

However, when I turned 14 and had my confirmation in Church I started to doubt if God really exists. I used to watch “Jesus of Nazareth” on TV. The film always moved me very much. But I never saw this kind of Christianity in church. I noticed that there was a difference between the Bible, the life Jesus lived, and the church today. Eventually, I came to a point when I decided that religion wasn't for me – I thought it is all a big farce and God doesn't exist anyway. Otherwise he would have answered my prayers a long time ago. I decided to "enjoy" life from now on and said to God "God, as you don't exist anyway I've decided not to serve you from now on". I don't know what had come over me that moment to utter a statement like this.

...nobody could give me an answer to all the many questions I had.

My family is not religious at all. The only time people would see us in church would be for the traditional Christmas service, once a year. Like any other average middle class family teenager I was living in a nice terraced house in a nice suburb surrounded by nice people... and utterly bored and frustrated because nobody could give me an answer to all the many questions I had. Such as: Why do I live? Will I come back as a spirit haunting people or as a different person in a different time  period? What will happen when I die? etc. I remember my mum telling me that when my grandmother died it was as if her spirit had flown out of the window towards heaven and there was no presence of her in the room anymore, just a shell.

In the meantime without me really noticing my life changed. I started to dress in dark clothes like a Goth, and listened a lot to Indie/punk music.

I also acquired several books on the subject of astrology as well as predicting the future through palm reading and cards. While it took me usually a few days or weeks to learn poems off by heart, once I had read one of these astrology books I would remember everything straight away, which was kind of spooky. Usually people just read their horoscopes for entertainment or to have a good laugh. Once I started "believing" in all this, the weirdest things started to happen. Similar things also happened when I used Tarot cards. The cards were only predicting bad things which then really happened but I did not know how to stop it. That was scary to say the least.

As I didn't believe in the existence of demons, let alone Satan, I couldn't explain what "force" had taken over my life. On the other hand, I was so bored with my life that I didn't want to give up my exciting secret and would listen to even more Indie- and Punk music with “good" lyrics.

Lyrics were always important to me and I am very picky to what I am listening to. One day I listened to a song called "My Soul is burning". I thought to myself how can my soul be burning? When we will die the soul goes back to God and we will be forever dead. But somehow I couldn't get the tune out of my head. In another song somebody sang that there will be a judgment day and only one in four will make it to heaven. I was bewildered to say the least (see LUKE 8:5-15).

During this period I went clubbing with my friends. Sometimes there would be a laser show display whilst people were dancing. First it looked funny as everyone

...I felt the power of God's presence...

looked like a puppet on a string. But later on I thought that's exactly what this life is all about i.e. I am a puppet on a string and someone else makes me move the way that they want me to.

Luckily, even though I was through with God, he wasn't through with me! I was trying to shake off "the presence of evil" in my life and turn to God again but I couldn't. However, a few months later I met an old friend who had become a Christian in the meantime. She could answer  all my questions with scriptures from the Bible which really impressed me. While she was reading REVELATION 21 I felt the power of God's presence and saw a vision/revelation about parts of the scripture and I knew instantly that this is the truth that I have been longing to hear for so long.

I then decided to get my life right with God as the Bible commands in ACTS 2:38 and got baptised by FULL IMMERSION and experienced the INFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. After this experience I felt completely freed from those "strongholds in my life", the presence of evil was completely gone.

I now fully know that ONLY the blood of Jesus can free you from all bondage and God only knows where my life would be today if I hadn't made this decision to give my life with Him and follow Him.

Praise the Lord.