Cut Fingers Healed!

Jeremy - Stirling, Scotland

Photo of Jeremy

Hi everyone,

My name is Jeremy. I want to tell you what happened to me. It was my turn to prepare breakfast and I wanted to cut the bread with the bread knife. Meanwhile my mother was in the living room feeding my little sister Joanne.

We have a hatch between our kitchen and the living room, so my mum could watch me and we could talk. She told me to be careful and to keep my eyes on the knife, but after a while my eyes turned to my mum and don’t ask what happened! My mother prayed immediately, but there was so much blood that we couldn’t see what had happened. Only under the running water we discovered that my finger was cut from the top right through half of the nail.

We rang my Daddy at work to take me to the doctor. During the phone call I fainted and felt very sick. It was not possible for me to go on the motorbike with my Dad, so my mother called the doctor to come to our house. I laid down with a bandage around my finger and we waited. It took a while till he arrived, but our “doctor in heaven” heard our prayer and we never have to wait for Him! HE was there and healed me instantly.

When the doctor came, I felt much better and he only found a small cut in my finger and there was no more blood at all. He was actually wondering why we had called him. I did not even lose my nail - it grew together and everything is perfect again. There is no scar, and nothing that can be seen anymore.

PRAISE THE LORD for this healing.


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