Specific Prayer Answered

Carol, PhD - Toronto, Canada

Photo of Carol

Back in 2002 the Lord blessed our family tremendously as we were able to buy a fantastic house and most importantly, our son Samuel was born. The house needed some major renovations during that year, and more were planned, therefore, our financial situation needed a boost. We thought that I should find a part-time job where I could take Samuel to work with me. I was hoping to work as a housekeeper in a very big house and also as a piano teacher from home. I had no idea however where I would find these jobs in our neighbourhood, so I just put up some advertisements on local notice boards. I waited for months but no one responded.

One evening we had one of my workmates and her husband over for tea. It turned out that they were looking for someone to clean their house, but they were reluctant to take anyone on that they did not know. They were very surprised to hear that I would love to do the job! There was my first answer! Some time later, I received a response to the advertisements I had put up. A mother of four needing help with the laundry and sewing. She said: “You sound European. Can you cook from scratch?” (Many wives here only know how to open a can… and many are impressed to hear that you actually baked a cake yourself). I told her I sure did and we made an appointment to talk about the details. Boy! I was astonished when I saw the house! It looked like a mansion and the interior was exquisite, designed by the wife herself (later on I found out the house has eight bathrooms!). Anyway, she hired me to do the exact tasks that I had hoped for like sewing, cooking and doing the laundry. She also let me know that in the future she may consider hiring someone full time…

Our last prayer request was also answered when one day, I got a phone call from a mother with two daughters who wanted to have piano lessons! Praise the Lord, now I had three small jobs, which paid very well for the amount of time spent doing them! Our God truly knows exactly what we need and always gives it at the right time!

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