Bullied At School, But God Brought Me Through It All!

Caroline - Canberra, Australia

Photo of Caroline

​Hello Everyone,

My name is Caroline and I would like to tell you how the Lord has helped me through difficult times growing up as a Christian.

My parents became part of this Christian Church when they were young. They travelled around Europe as missionaries and experienced a lot of miracles on the way. My two brothers and I grew up in three different countries: France, England and Germany. 
I was 12 when we moved back to Germany and that was where the most difficult stage of my life started. In the beginning I got to know all the kids in my new class and they were really interested in who I was and where I came from. After about a year or two that interest turned into ‘this girl is different, we don’t like her’; I didn’t smoke, I didn’t drink, I didn’t go out late at night, I didn’t swear and so on. I became the one that was easy to bully. Most of the bullies were from the same village that I lived in, so I had them on the bus and in school. It started with a nasty photo that got taken of me and put-up on the board in the classroom, to throwing bread at me and  progressed to setting my hair on fire. I pretty much hated school. This lasted to the end of my school years. I questioned God ‘Why are you doing this to me? I am not a bad person, why is everyone is treating me like this!’ I never knew why I was going through such a hard time, but I did always get the peace from God that there was a reason for this; I just needed to be patient. (1 CORINTHIANS 10:13, ROMANS 8:28)

When I was around 18, I entered a different stage in my life. I was able to be myself and people treated me normally. I started to get a lot of friends and 'noticed' in a positive way. I got to the stage where I was really attracted to ‘the world’ and all that it offered.  I went out clubbing with my friends at the weekend to be part of what everyone else was doing and had a lot of fun.  My friends became more important to me than God, but I still my conscience bothered me and meant that I didn’t touch alcohol or cigarettes. People got to know me as the ‘non-drinking clubbing girl’. My walk as a Christian started to go downhill and I didn’t know what to do. So one day I decided to pray my last prayer and ask God for help. I prayed during one of our church prayer meetings and I said to God, “Lord, if you want me to stay in this church and walk a Christian walk then I need your help now, or I will give up!”, a couple of seconds later one of our church members sat down next to me while everyone else was still praying and asked me “Caroline, how are you?”, I immediately burst into tears and felt the love of God all around me.

During my apprenticeship I got to know one of the girls that I used to go to school with, we had never spoken much at school, but this changed after we both joined the same choir. We got to know each other and became really good friends. She knew that I was a Christian, but I had never had the courage to preach to her before. She started to ask a lot of questions and became more and more interested in the Word of God. One day she came along to one of our big church meetings and decided to get saved

From that moment on I knew the reason why God put me into that horrible classroom together with her. It was worth every single awful day to become her friend and to later see her get saved. 
I praise God that He gave me the strength to get through those hard times and now be able to help others that are going through equally difficult times. We never know what God’s plan is, but it sure is greater then what we can imagine. I have found the joy in the Lord now and would not want to change it for all of the pleasures of this world. I would rather look like a fool to the world as a Christian now, than to be a fool before God on Judgment Day!  




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