Testimonies about Blessings

Financial Problems Solved!

Photo of Lars

Lars, Teacher, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I wanted to share with you, how the Lord helped me to overcome financial problems and taught me to keep trusting Him, despite difficult circumstances.

The power of music, the power of praise

Photo of Stefanie

Stefanie - Brisbane, Australia

A few years ago my husband and I discovered in the ground floor of our house that termites had caused some considerable damage to the wooden structure. Over time I started to get more and more worried. We asked several professionals to check it out and to give us a quote on fixing the problem. Unfortunately the quotes were very high reaching far beyond...

I Wrote My Car Off in an Accident – Then God Gave Me One of the Same Value!

Photo of Bob

Bob - Brisbane, Australia

When I bought that car I could only afford to buy it because I had received a sum of money as a gift. In my eyes it had been the perfect car: a VW station wagon with enough room for my friends, luggage and often tools for my trade. I loved it. I did not have savings and was only on relatively small wages from a 4 day per week job. I was devastated. Also here I have to say that at the time I was a young Christian not knowing much about God’s providence. My mind was going wild and I started planning to ride my push bike again. ..

God’s Miracles and Support in my Life

Photo of Helen

Helen - Inverell, Australia

Five months after we arrived in Melbourne, our youngest son Ted had a near drowning accident in our swimming pool, which left him severely disabled with cerebral palsy, totally stiff, bent backwards, crying in a high pitched voice with one epileptic fit after the other. It was absolutely heart rendering. 

God Answers Specific Prayers!

Photo of Alexei

Alexei - Coffs Harbour, Australia

In my prayers I prayed specifically about the salary, and asked God to provide me with a new job, with a salary of 10,000 Russian Roubles (this was in 2003). My salary at that time was less than half-as-much, and this request seemed impossible for me at first, when I started to pray. 

Supernatural Protection During Car Accidentvideo icon

Lars, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

In October 2011 our family went on a holiday with our caravan. A terrible accident happened and if it had not been for God’s protection none of us would be here now to tell the story of how God saved our lives. Click on the video link if you want to hear the whole story and see some photographs.

God Provides a Job

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie - Canberra, Australia

I began my search with much prayer, but it seemed that in Australia and especially in Canberra, where there are lots of public service jobs, you need to be an Australian citizen. After a few weeks of looking around, not finding much and getting a little desperate. 

God Provides all my Needs

Photo of Jake

Jake, B.A. - Perth, Scotland

I would like to share with you how the Lord has blessed me since I moved to Poland as a missionary. Before leaving Germany to move to Szczecin with my wife, I sent some job applications to Poland. As my Polish wasn’t fluent at the time I was hoping to find a job as a German speaker. 

God Provides Work With Amazing Prayer Answers

Photo of Anja

Anja - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I would like to tell you about my work here in Australia and how the Lord looks after me to provide lovely clients at the right time slots - and answers prayer continuously...

Miraculously Protected from a Car Accident

Photo of Dee

Dee - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I would like to tell you how God protected our grandson’s life in a miraculous way. Jye was only a few months old when friends from church, offered to give us a little break and to look after Jye for a few days.

God Looks After Our Needs In a New Country

Photo of Maria

Maria - Biberach, Germany

When our church started a missionary work in Lyon, my husband and I were the first to go. During this time, God really cared for us in many miraculous ways... 

Finding God on Deathbed

Photo of Brigitte

Brigitte - Glasgow, Scotland

I would like to testify about how GOOD God is and that we are never to give up hope. Several years after my conversion I was reconciled with my dad who was an alcoholic. Through Jesus Christ I could forgive him and met up with him from time to time...

Specific Prayer Answered

Photo of Carol

Carol, PhD - Toronto, Canada

I was hoping to work as a housekeeper in a very big house and also as a piano teacher from home. I had no idea however where I would find these jobs in our neighbourhood, so I just put up some advertisements on local notice boards. I waited for months but no one responded.

Highway Tyre Blowout - Miraculous Protection During Car Accident

Photo of Markus

Markus - Coffs Harbour, Australia

It was an early Sunday evening, and the motorway was quite busy with lots of cars and buses. All of a sudden there was a big bang, and then our car started to shake and the tail started to fishtail. I tried to get the car under control but it only got worse.

God’s Perfect Timing

Photo of Henry

Henry - Glasgow, Scotland

When working in a repair shop for Brass and Wood Wind Instruments we needed to get some business going and started repairing some old instruments that were never picked up and stored in a neighbours cellar. Would we be in for a surprise...

Passing the Final Exams with God's Help!

Photo of Rico

Rico - Coffs Harbour, Australia

As I started my apprenticeship in 2005 in Frankfurt, I never expected that the next nine years were so intensive and life changing. One year later, I got baptized and Spirit-filled and a new life in Christ started, the old life was gone forever and every sin was forgiven. A few years later the final exams came up....

How the Lord Blessed me with a Car and a Trip to Australia

Photo of

Martin - Perth, Scotland

I managed to save up some money and eventually went to Australia for 6 months to help out on our church farm. About two weeks after arriving there, I received a large sum of money from my tax return, which came to me as a big surprise…. About 2 months after passing my test I got a message from my Dad saying that both he and my Mum would like to support me during my studies and transferred money every month. He did not know anything about my desire to buy a car. At the same time…..

The Lord Provides Financially

Photo of Daniela

Daniela - Brunswick, Germany

As soon as I started praying, God started working and a lot of miracles happened. One day, when I was on my way to work, nearly anywhere I looked, I saw the word ‘Berlin'! By then it was obvious for me that God wanted me to leave Vienna and set off for Berlin. 

Getting a Job Despite Not Speaking the Language!

Photo of Christine

Christine , DipLang - Bordeaux, France

I would like to tell you how God provided me with my first job in France, despite not speaking the French language.

God’s Wonderful Leading

Photo of Tine

Tine - Brunswick, Germany

I would like to share with you how God prepared a chapter in my life just perfectly...

Hold on to Your Vision

Photo of AnhDao

AnhDao - Perth, Scotland

Shortly after I got saved in 2007, I was not allowed to attend the meetings anymore due to my parents. To that time the vision to come to Australia one day grew in me. I wanted to visit the brethren there in order to get to know them better and to get trained as a Christian.

Huge Debts Repaid

Photo of Wolfy

Wolfy, DipPolSc - Vienna, Austria

In 1993 I had to close my publishing company because of debts of about 35,000 Euro. Once I took God at His Word, my finances were blessed in all kinds of ways and I often did not know where all the money to pay back my debts came from...