Financial Blessing and Grandma's Healing

Stefanie - Zurich, Switzerland

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Hi everybody,

I am Stefanie and I live with my mum in a nice little apartment in Vienna, Austria.

I would like to share some great testimonies of things that God has done in our lives some years ago.

My mum and I were dreaming of going to our assembly’s main meeting in Australia, to meet all the brothers and sisters in our church, whom we have not seen for a long time. This dream was almost inaccessible as my mum’s salary is not high enough to be able to afford such a journey.

One day we prayed together that God would grant us a miracle and that He would open a door for us. I also had the idea to draw a picture of this happening as a kind of ‘vision sheet’. Every day we looked at our picture and thanked the Lord that we will be there one day. While visiting my Grandma one day she gave me some pocket money. It was not much, but I had to think of the many poor people in the world, who have not enough to eat or cannot afford their own Bible. I decided to give half of the amount as an offering to the Lord for these people. Some days later, we heard in Sunday school about giving offerings and that God loves those who freely give. I spoke to a friend and we talked about how the Lord would one day reward my attitude. He surely would bless it.

Some weeks later we visited my Grandma again and after chatting and telling her that we would like to go to Australia one day, she smiled. “Isn’t your birthday in December?” she asked. It is in December and guess what? As a birthday present she gave me the whole amount to pay for my ticket for the flight! I was overjoyed that God answered our prayers so fast. God is a good God!

Shortly after my birthday something frightening happened to Grandma. During my holidays I wanted to spend some time with my Grandma, but suddenly she phoned and told my mum that she had to go to hospital, because the doctors had found blood in her lungs. They did not know how or why, but my Grandma was scared because they told her that her condition was really serious.

I straightaway asked her if I could pray for her. It was the first time that she really wanted prayer to get healed! My mum and I went immediately into prayer and we prayed in the Name of Jesus that the blood in the lungs would disappear. The next day she had to go to another hospital to meet a specialist for her sickness. After checking her over they couldn’t find anything at all! God healed her completely within one day!!!

Praise the Lord, that He knows every little thing in our lives, our needs, and that He heals through prayer!

Love in Christ,

Stefanie (2002)

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