Healed After Gaining Faith From His Word

Jacques - Paris, France

Photo of Jacques

Hello, my name is Jacques and I am 11 years old. During my last birthday party I ate so much of my birthday cake that I suddenly started to feel really sick. It got even worse in the evening. I could neither eat nor drink (not even water) as I could keep nothing down, but would vomit only a few moments later.

My parents and I prayed for my healing, but at first our prayer did not seem to work. Weak as I was I read one chapter of the book "How to Heal the Sick". The chapter dealt with faith and when I had finished I told myself that I could have been healed right from the start if I only had had faith.

I asked my parents, if we could pray again. This time I was ready. What I had read in the book became alive in me: I had faith!! Praise the Lord! Just a few minutes after our second prayer I started to feel better already and soon afterwards everything was back to normal. I thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart for having healed me that day. What a birthday present!

Love in Him, Jacques
11 years, Paris, France (2003)

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