The Bible in School!

Judith - Paris, France

Photo of Judith

My name is Judith and I live in a small village about 100 km southeast of Paris. I would like to tell you about what is happening at my school.

When I was 11, I prayed that we would study the subject of the Bible during our history course. When the teacher gave us the annual programme, he announced that we would study the Bible. In the class, somebody said that I was a protestant, so the teacher asked several pupils to bring their Bible for the next class. The day after, I was uplifted to see all the Bibles on the teacher’s desk. He took mine and noticed the scriptures that were underlined, plus some photos from my brethren in the assembly. He had some questions so I lent him some theme sheets about the Israelites. During the course, he taught the class who the true Israel is today.

The week after, we had a test about the Bible and one of the questions was "who was David?" So I wrote all the chronology of David. When the teacher gave back the test, I noticed he had written on the top: "TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE". When I asked him why, he explained to me that I could have simply said that “David was a king”!

Some time later, the teacher was replaced and I prayed again that we could study the Bible at school. I realised that the history teacher often takes some references from the Bible. Now we are going to learn the history of the Protestants, and he is very surprised about all the knowledge I have of the subject. I pray and know in my heart that my new history teacher will be saved!

PRAISE THE LORD for all the teaching we have in the Assembly!


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