Getting a Job Despite Not Speaking the Language!

Christine , DipLang - Bordeaux, France

Photo of Christine

I would like to tell you how God provided me with my first job in Bordeaux, where I have been living for quite a few years now.

Originally, I am from Germany, which is where I became a Christian. After three years of being a Christian, I moved to Bordeaux as a missionary. Even though I had learned French at school, it was difficult in the beginning to understand the accent and also to make myself understood. Perhaps you can imagine what it was like to leave the house every morning (I lived with friends from the church), knock on the doors of all sorts of companies and say ten to fifteen times a day: “Bonjour, I am German, I’m looking for a job. Would you have anything to offer?” I did this for a couple of weeks and often had to think of my former workmates in Germany who used to make jokes saying: “In case it gets too tough for you, just let us know and we’ll send you little parcels…” Back then, I felt sure of myself and replied: “Don’t worry, I’ll find a job, even if I have to clean toilets…” But things turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had thought. Even though France is a member of the EU state, one of the first questions people would ask me was: “Do you have a permanent residence visa?” Of course I didn’t, as you require a permanent job to qualify for a visa. So I found myself in a vicious circle. No visa, no job. No job, no visa.

...I found myself in a vicious circle. No visa, no job. No job, no visa.

Of course I spoke to my friends about the situation. And they challenged me, saying that I needed FAITH in order to find a job. Not the kind of faith you have when you believe that there is a God, but the real FAITH OF GOD "... and calleth things which be not as though they were" (ROMANS 4:16-17). I felt helpless when I realised that I was lacking exactly that faith. I could not “produce” it myself. All I could do was “run to God in prayer”, asking Him to impart this faith unto me. After some time of prayer and tears, I suddenly became very calm. There it was. I knew God had provided me with a job. I did not know when, how or where, I just knew I would find a job.

The next day I went to a transport company and found myself speaking German with the Manager. He told me he had many clients and if he heard anything about a job he would let me know. When I had said “good bye” I turned around once more just in time to see him put my curriculum vitae in his bottom drawer. “Oh no”, I thought, “he’ll just forget about it …”

Two days later, when I came home in the evening, my friends let me know that somebody had called and invited me for an interview. I had the interview and then got the job!! Furthermore, they did all the paper work for my visa!

A few weeks later, I heard the full story of how things had happened the Manager of the transport company went to see a customer. My future boss met him “by chance” in the hallway and complained that his secretary had just handed him her resignation and that it would be hard to find somebody quickly who could speak German and English. The Manager of the transport company remembered the curriculum vitae I had given him and was, of course, happy to help. Ten minutes later, my future boss had my papers on his desk and contacted me.

Praise the Lord!!

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