After Years of Searching, I Came to Know God.

Sunette - Lörrach, Germany

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My name is Sunette and I live in the Black Forrest in Southern Germany. I just wanted to share with you how, after years of searching, I came to know and experience God.

I grew up in the Karoo in South Africa and for as long as I can remember; my family always attended the NG church (Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk) which is a protestant church. As a teenager, I was confronted with the hypocrisy between the “holy” Sunday church members and the same members who lived in sin and chaos during the rest of the week. Different incidences made me wonder if this hypocrisy is what Christianity is all about. I always believed there was a God, but I never had any personal experience or assurance that there was a true God.  To be honest, the whole “Christianity-thing” made no sense to me anymore.

After working for a few years, I went overseas to Britain to do some travelling. Travelling really opened my eyes to many things, including religion. Being exposed to different religions for the first time in my life, made me question which religion is really true. I wondered if there really is one God or if all the different gods are all the same God in the end, which we worship under different names and in different ways? I was very confused, to say the least!

Somehow it became really important for me to know whether or not God existed, because in this quest also lies the purpose of my life, so to say.  I read many books on the topic and asked many people that I got to know, about their religious beliefs, but yet, found no real concrete answer.

The Bible stated that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, so I thought if He could speak to people in the Bible and do miracles for them to show His Lordship, why could He not also speak to me, so that I know whether or not He existed?...

So one evening, I decided, this is now or never…  I need to know if there is a God or not and if He is a God that is “the same yesterday, today and forever,” He would be able to give me a sign to prove He is real. I got down on my knees and prayed to God that He must give me a sign.  But asking for a sign that could not be “co-incidental” was a challenge. So, being surrounded by foreigners, speaking all sorts of different languages, the only sign I could come up with to ask for, is that God would let me speak in another language, which is not English or Afrikaans.

I thought that if God would cause me to speak in another language, which I didn’t learn, I would know for sure that He is really God.  However, it wasn’t quite thought through.. but anyway, I prayed and waited and waited and waited and eventually fell asleep. Nothing happened, so it was clear to me that there was no God… or so I thought…

A couple of days later, a couple came to the farm where I was working, to buy some fruit and vegetables. The lady started chatting to me and after a while she asked me, out of the blue, whether I was a Christian? I thought it was a bit of a strange question, but I answered her honestly, saying that I wasn’t a Christian. (After all, God didn’t exist!) She left it at that and gave me a leaflet from her church. We chatted then a bit more and in the end, she asked if we could exchange phone numbers and meet up sometime.  I didn’t want to, but I found myself writing down my number and thinking to myself “why did I just do that? I never give out my number.” So eventually, when the people left, I threw the leaflet away.

The lady then phoned me a couple of times to ask if I didn’t fancy meeting up for a cuppa, but quite frankly, I wasn’t up for it, knowing that she was a Christian and probably have a lot of theories on Christianity, which I couldn’t stomach anymore. So whenever she called, I always made sure I had a valid excuse why I couldn’t meet up, although being very conscious of not lying,

One night, this lady, called again and for some obscure and weird reason, I could not think of any excuse as to why I couldn’t meet up with her – not even a lie!...  So we met up in Windsor and actually had a really great evening together and not once, did she mention God or religion.

We then met up more often and actually became friends. A few months later, the same couple invited me to go with them to Scotland for the weekend, which I gladly accepted. I must say, at that stage of my life, I was getting more and more interested in Astrology.  My readings never proofed to be true, but for that specific weekend, it stated that I would have a “life changing experience” and somehow this made me quite nervous, thinking that it doesn’t necessarily mean a positive experience.  I was therefore quite adamant to cancel my weekend plans, however, I was convinced in the end to go along and it did turn out to be a great weekend, with lots of sightseeing, meeting some of their friends, etc.

As Sunday arrived, the couple that I travelled with were going to a Christian meeting and would leave for home straight afterwards since we still had an eight hour drive ahead of us. I had the choice of doing some more sightseeing by myself or joining them.  However, knowing what public transport is like on a Sunday afternoon in Scotland, I could just get stuck somewhere and miss my lift and not wanting to cause an inconvenience, I considered joining them instead. I thought to myself, I have been to churches before and I know there is no God, so it doesn’t really matter.

At the service all the people were very friendly, and all seemed to really put their heart into the service (singing, etc.). However, at the end of the meeting, the congregation prayed together - in strange languages! As I have never heard people praying in tongues and didn’t know what that was or what was going on, I got really scared, thinking it was a cult and wanted to run out. Only then the most peculiar thing of all happened: I could not move! My brain was working, but my body just wouldn’t co-operate. As if that wasn’t enough, my tongue started going up and down in my mouth all by itself and uncontrollable!

At that point somebody in the congregation was given the “gift of interpretation”.  As I had never told anyone of my prayer to God for a sign, I knew the words the person uttered came directly from God: “You’ve asked me for a sign and today you know I am the Lord your God! Today you will decide to follow me or not.” As much I wanted to, one cannot deny the power and His supremacy when God is speaking to you…

Only once the congregation ended their prayer with “amen”, could I move again and subsequently ran out of the building. There was no doubt in my mind that what happened, was from God! I knew then that the God of the Bible is true and I could no longer deny Him.

My friend’s husband came after me to enquire whether or not I was ok and being quite emotional, I informed him in not so many words, that I wasn’t and needed a place to pray.  We then went to a room to pray and as I wanted to say something, a new language flowed instantly from my lips.  When I eventually could stop, I looked with big eyes at my friend for answers as to what just happened to me.  My friend then showed me through scriptures from the Bible that I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the signs of speaking in tongues.  He then showed me further scriptures about repentance and the baptism of adults, which forms the basic steps to salvation according to the Bible. 

To me this was such an eye opener, although I read my bible, I never considered these scriptures and never was it taught in the church I grew up with. So that same evening, I made my decision to follow God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and got baptised, as the Bible instruct us, by full immersion.  What a life changing experience that was and is indeed!

My prayer for all that read my testimony, is that you may also come to really know and experience the only one and true God as I am…

Love in Christ,



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