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Welcome to the CAI Teens page. This site has been put together by teenagers, for teenagers all around the world, to learn about the exiting life of a Christian. There are many intreating themes and issues that you will find discussed here, and we have tried our very best to answer them for you, from God's Word. This site will help you to gain knowledge about the Bible and give an insight into our life as Christian Teenagers. If we are unable to answer your questions with the content on this site, write to us, and we will answer you directly. Just leave a comment on one of the testimonies.

Many teenagers grow up as Christians, or with Christian values, but as they grow up they realise that Christian Churches can be hypocritical. Perhaps they feel that Christian life is boring/uneventful or there is no real proof of Gods existence. On this site you will find many testimonies of how teenagers have experienced miracles with God and have gottten to know God as their personal friend and Saviour.

Teens and adolescents in HollandTeens and adolescents in Holland


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"Man's one great responsibility in life is to make the necessary arrangements for his precious soul to be safe and happy in eternity. Nothing else-is so important as this!"


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