Teen Related Issues

Basics of Salvation

Some of the whys and wherefores - is near enough good enough? Find out the answers to some common questions on salvation. [Full text]

In a World of Lies - Dare to Tell the Truth

God's Word clearly teaches that lying is wrong, yet statistics show that church attendees in America lie just as often as those who do not attend church. This article shows what God says about speaking “falsehood”, and reveals the consequences for people who do not speak the truth. [Full text]

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

If you have lived for 20 years, 7300 days have passed by. How did you spend your time in the sight of God? [Full text]

Heaven Can Wait?

Many people are too busy with living their own lives to consider the salvation that God has provided for them. This article tells the stories of several people who thought that “heaven could wait”, but then found out otherwise… [Full text]


Jesus Christ is Our Peace With God: What Does God's Word Say About Alcohol, Cigarettes & Tobacco, Drug Taking In General?

This article brings to light scriptures that deal with the topic of substance abuse. This shows that God does not want His children to seek for meaning in things that will not last. Jesus Christ fills our every need, so as Christians we do not need to take drugs or chemical substances in an attempt to achieve what only God can give. [Full text]

Alcohol and the Bible

Confused about whether Christians are allowed to drink or not? This exhaustive treatise should provide the answers you need to know God's will in this matter. [Full text]

Brain Disease

This article shows the dangers of alcohol to the brain, explaining that even small amounts lead to the death of brain cells. [Full text]

Rock Music

Black Sabbath

Does rock music have ties to the occult? See examples of the powerful influence Satan has on the world of rock n’ roll. [Full text]

Creation vs. Evolution

Our Young Universe

Is our universe really 10 to 20 billion years old as proponents of the 'Big Bang Theory' claim? This article examines different features of the solar system which provide evidence for a young universe. [Full text]

Creation vs. Evolution

Confused about where we came from? Looking for alternatives to evolutionist theories as taught in many schools? For more on Creation visit the Creation Ministries International website. It is an excellent tool to find the answers to questions about science and the Bible.

Creation and the Appearance of Age

In layman’s terms, entropy is a measure of the state of disorder in a system. We measure the passing of time with a clock or by measuring the rate of radioactive decay in a substance. Both methods are related to entropy increase. But what would the laws of entropy have been while the earth was being created? [Full text]

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