Sunday School Teaching Plan - Second Year

Our Sunday School program is designed to lead children to learn and understand various topics from the Bible. The course is spread over a three year period, please see the first year curriculum for a full explanation

Second Year Teaching Plan




JanuaryThe Ten CommandmentsEXODUS 19 and 20
 The Making of the Golden CalfEXODUS 32
 Clean and Unclean FoodLEVITICUS 11
 The Israelites Prepare to Enter CanaanNUMBERS 13 and 14
FebruaryThe Rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram; Aaron's RodNUMBERS 16 and 17
 The Firey SerpentsNUMBERS 21:1-9
 Moses' Last Words and DeathDEUTERONOMY 11 and 28 and 33 and 34
MarchJesus Preaches on ForgivenessLUKE 7:36-50; JOHN 8:1-11
 Jesus Preaches in Parables: The SowerLUKE 8:4-15; MATTHEW 13:1-23
 The Grain of Mustard SeedMATTHEW 13:31-32
 The Net of FishMATTHEW 13:47-50
AprilJesus Calms the StormLUKE 8:22-25; MARK 4:36-41
Spring Area Meetings (theme)Jesus Restores Jairus' Daughter to LifeMARK 5:21-24,35-43
 The Feeding of the MultitudeMARK 6:31-44; JOHN 6:1-14; MATTHEW 14:13-21
 Jesus Walks on the WaterMARK 6:45-52; MATTHEW 14:22-33
MayJesus Instructs the DisciplesMARK 9:14-29; MATTHEW 17:14-21; LUKE 9:37-42
 The Parable of the Unmerciful ServantMATTHEW 18:21-35
 Seventy More Disciples are AppointedLUKE 10:1-20
 The Good SamaritanLUKE 10:29-37
JuneEntering the Promised LandJOSHUA 2,3 and 4
 The Fall of JerichoJOSHUA 6
 Gideon and the MidianitesJUDGES 6,7 and 8
 Samson and the PhilistinesJUDGES 13–16
JulyRuth, the Faithful Daughter-in-LawRUTH 1–4
 Samuel, Child of the Lord1 SAMUEL 1–3
 The Ark of the Covenant Taken by the Philistines1 SAMUEL 4–6
AugustThe Rich Young RulerMATTHEW 19:16-26; MARK 10:17-27
Annual General Meeting (theme)The Labourers in the VineyardMATTHEW 20:1-16
 The Prodigal SonLUKE 15:11-32
 The Parable of the Unjust ServantLUKE 16:1-13
SeptemberZaccheusLUKE 19:1-10
 Jesus at the Home of Mary and MarthaLUKE 10:38-42
 Lazarus is Raised From the DeadJOHN 11:1-46
October Jesus' Enemies Plot to kill HimJOHN 11:47-57
 The Supper at BethanyJOHN 12:1-11
 The Entry Into JerusalemJOHN 12:12-19; LUKE 19:28-40; MATTHEW 21:1-11
NovemberDavid, the Lord's Chosen One1 SAMUEL 16
 David and Goliath1 SAMUEL 17
 Saul's Jealousy1 SAMUEL 18 and 19
DecemberDavid and Jonathan1 SAMUEL 20
Winter Area Meetings (theme)David the King2 SAMUEL 8 and 9
 The Death of David1 KINGS 2