Sunday School Teaching Plan

Our Sunday School program caters to children up to approximately 12 years of age. It is designed to lead children to learn and understand various topics from the Bible. The course is spread over a three year period, during which the children work through the whole Bible with many different themes and activities. The program was developed with different ages in mind – for example, four year olds are taught about Noah's Ark using mainly simple drawings and stories, whereas children ten years and older are taught with more solid, historical, scientific material - helping them to gain answers to their deeper questions.

Different age groups and classes:

  • Class 1: 3 - 4 years old
  • Class 2: 5 - 6 years old
  • Class 3: 7 - 8 years old
  • Class 4: 9 - 10 years old
  • Class 5: 11 - 12 years old

Depending on their maturity, the teens take part with the adults in the church meetings.

Further guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page.

First Year Teaching Plan




January Creation GENESIS 1 and GENESIS 2:1-3
  Adam and Eve GENESIS 2:8-25
  The Serpent in the Garden GENESIS 3
  Cain and Abel GENESIS 4:1-15
February Zacharias and Elisabeth LUKE 1:5-25
  An Angel Visits Mary LUKE 1:26-56
  The Birth of John the Baptist LUKE 1:57-80
  The Birth of Jesus LUKE 2:1-20
March Visit of the Wise Men/Flight to Egypt MATTHEW 2
  Jesus Among the Teachers LUKE 2:41-52
  Ministry of John the Baptist MATTHEW 3:1-12
  The Baptism of Jesus by John MATTHEW 3:13-17
April The Temptation in the Wilderness MATTHEW 4:1-11; LUKE 4:1-13
  Jesus in Galilee LUKE 4:14-44; MARK 1:23-45
Spring Area Meetings (theme) Jesus Calls His First Disciples LUKE 5:1-11; MARK 1:14-22; MATTHEW 4:17-25
  The Marriage in Cana JOHN 2:1-11
May Noah and the Ark GENESIS 6, 7, 8 and GENESIS 9:1-17
  The Tower of Babel GENESIS 11:1-9
  Abraham and Lot GENESIS 13
June Abraham's Vision GENESIS 15, 17 and 18:1-19
  Abraham's Temptation GENESIS 22:1-19
  Jacob and Esau GENESIS 25:21-34 and GENESIS 27
  Jacob's Flight and Dream GENESIS 28
July Joseph and His Brothers GENESIS 37
  Joseph in Egypt GENESIS 39
  Pharaoh's Dreams GENESIS 40and 41
  Joseph's Brothers in Egypt GENESIS 42 and 45
August Kids of the Kingdom  
Annual General Meeting (theme) (i.e. National Israel/Armour of God/ Famous Kings/ Royalty, etc.)  
September The Pharisees Question Jesus LUKE 5:16-39; LUKE 6:1-11; MATTHEW 9:1-17; MATTHEW 12:1-45; JOHN 5
  The Twelve Apostles are Chosen LUKE 6:12-16; MARK 3:14-19; MATTHEW 10:1-8
  The Sermon on the Mount MATTHEW 5:1-42
October The Love of Enemies MATTHEW 5:43-48
  The Lord's Prayer MATTHEW 6:1-15
  The Golden Rule MATTHEW 7:7-12
November The Birth of Moses EXODUS 1 and EXODUS 2:1-10
  Moses in Midian/Burning Bush EXODUS 2:11-24, EXODUS 3 and 4
  Pharaoh and the Israelites/Ten Plagues EXODUS 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
  The Night of the Passover EXODUS 12
December Crossing the Red Sea EXODUS 13, 14 and 15
  Well of Marah/Manna/Water from Rock EXODUS 15:23-27, EXODUS16 and EXODUS 17:1-7
Winter Area Meetings (theme) Jesus Death & His Resurrection MATTHEW 27 and 28; MARK 15 and 16
    LUKE 23 and 24; JOHN 19 and 20

Other Subjects - Especially for Teens

  • The Bible
  • The Law
  • Righteousness
  • How to Pray

History of Revival

  • John Wycliffe
  • John Hus
  • Martin Luther
  • The Waldenses
  • The Huguenottes
  • John Wesley
  • Hudson Taylor
  • Charles Finney
  • Revival in Wales
  • Revival on the Hebrides
  • Azusa Street

God's Miracles in History

  • The Armada
  • The Angels of Mons Dunkirk, etc.

Science and Evolution

  • Miracles of Creation
  • The Cell
  • The Snowflake
  • Evolution Bloopers and Blunders
  • Dinosaurs


  • National Israel
  • Martyrs
  • AIDS
  • History of Our Assembly
  • Diverse Religions and Sects
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Rock music
  • Christmas, Easter, Halloween


By following this plan, the main themes of the Bible are covered in three years. The time used to study the topics is flexible. The leaders plan for the months, taking into consideration breaks and special events. For area meetings different themes are used each year. Children take part in discussions, crafts, songs and activities according to their ages and abilities and related to the themes.

It is important that the topics are presented in a way that allows children to learn lessons which they can apply to their own lives. For example, after reading about how Jesus healed the leper, children could share testimonies about how they have been healed after someone prayed for them. They also learn memory verses which are geared to their age levels. Teens mainly participate in the meetings with the adults. They also help to lead the Sunday School from time to time. In addition to that, it is important that they receive Sunday School teaching at their level. (See above for suggested topics). They are also encouraged to read their Bible daily and read other books or articles. They may also have journals in which to write their thoughts, reflections, questions and prayer points.