Family Bible Studies

These Bible studies specifically focus on the family and children's upbringing.

Some Children reading a Bible Story

Why You Shouldn't Marry or Date an Unbeliever

Is it really necessary for a Christian to marry another Christian? What if you are “just dating”? This article raises some very important points for people to consider before they make the big leap into marriage. It is especially written for women, though anyone who is even thinking of becoming involved with someone who is not a Christian will find it interesting.

Prayers for Children

These children's prayers are taken from the journal of John Wesley, the great English preacher. These writings show how children of olden days were taught to pray at different times of the day.

Jesus Christ is our Peace with God

This article brings to light scriptures that deal with the topic of substance abuse. This shows that God does not want his children to seek for meaning in things that will not last. Jesus Christ fills our every need, so as Christians we do not need to take drugs or chemical substances in an attempt to achieve what only God can give.

Bible Study: God's Plan for the Family

A study of Scriptures showing how God designed the family to be, and the different roles that need to be fulfilled within the family.

The Authority of Fathers

Many problems in the family originate because the man does not do what he should as a husband or father. Many men today are either passive with no sense of responsibility or they tyrannize their family without any judgment of healthy leadership. Read about the role which God intends to give to men.

The Man on the Run

With ever increasing divorce rates even in Christian circles, why does it seem so hard in today’s society to have a successful marriage? This article speaks to the men who may be running from their responsibilities.

Rebuilding the Family: Recovering from Industrialism

What's happening to the family? Marriages are splitting up at an alarming rate, couples struggle with debts, men show a lack of responsibility, women are overworked and children are disrespectful. In former times, Biblical principles were the basis for everyday life and the family unit was strong. With the Industrial Revolution, life changed dramatically for the family. If we understand the changes which occurred with the move from rural to urban society, then it will help provide solutions to rebuild the family.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Fortunately in our assembly the rate of divorce has been extremely low. Couples have always been encouraged and helped to reconcile, as God hates divorce and is a God of reconciliation and order (2 CORINTHIANS 5:18) rather than separation and confusion. However, situations do sometimes occur where one partner deserts the relationship. What is the other partner supposed to do then? As always, we have to distance ourselves from human interpretation and see what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Why Have All Those Children Gone?

With recent legal decisions in America, Australia and Canada, abortion once again has become one of the hottest topics around. But what is often not realised is the logical connection between evolution, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. When any one of these is allowed - who is safe?

Tom and Jenny and the Snowflakes

Learn how snowflakes are formed in an amazing way!

The Value Scripture Places on Children

The society we live in can be very confusing. On one hand we have telethons that raise millions of dollars for the benefit or the medical treatment of children or for other causes. On the other hand, many children are being deliberately slaughtered through abortion. This study will examine the true value of children – the value God has assigned to them.

The Blessing of God

The actions we take in our life can influence the generations which follow us in our family. Two families are compared and provide proof that those who follow God's ways begin a different legacy for their offspring than the family who chooses not to follow God.

Our Hidden History - Good Manners

These days, good manners often seem to be forgotten as skills which children should be taught. This copy of an original "Good Manners" chart was found in an old schoolhouse in Australia. In some ways, expectations of children's behaviour have changed over the years.

Duties of a Christian Wife to her Husband

Christianity and Society Australian Etiquette Written in 1884, this text on the duties of a Christian wife to her husband doesn’t exactly agree with the views of modern society. It does, however, agree with the Bible.

This Too Will Pass

Are you a mother with children? Do you sometimes get so overwhelmed and frustrated by circumstances that you want to pull your hair out? This article is just for you! It is full of practical and scriptural advice for parents raising children.

Three Practical Tips for Raising Children

“Together, parents have to represent a clear line – Parents have to be consistent – Parents should be ready to make concessions.”

Womanhood - The Blessing and The Curse

“Through the ages woman has had the potential to be a great blessing for man… And woman has also proven to have great potential to be a curse.” This article examines examples from the Bible, and provides lessons that a woman of today can apply to her life – determining whether she will be a blessing or a curse.

The Secret of a Healthy Everyday Family Life

“As soon as a child arrives, you step out of a partnership and enter into the wide field of the family. A child breaks the habit of revolving round one another and it opens up a new area, but at the same time, it brings its limitations…” This article contains much practical advice on adapting to family life successfully.

Harry Spells Danger

It used to be that young people rarely thought about the supernatural. In today's Western world, however, they are swamped by it on a regular - even daily - basis. Harry Potter's popularity has greatly added to this.

A Stranger in the House

Christianity and Society Unknown Are you a Christian parent trying to protect your children from harmful influences? Yet you are living with a “stranger” in your house that is against your Christian principles. Do you know who that stranger is?

A Girl's Prayer - A Boy's Prayer

This prayer is not selfish, but is about character development.