Children's Testimonies


Waiting patiently for the Lord's timing

Photo of Anna

Anna - Perth, Scotland

My name is Anna and I want to tell you how the Lord saved me and I got born again. I have grown up in the Christian Assemblies International, born in Germany and my family moved to Scotland when I was two and my older brother was four...

A Blessing In Disguise

Photo of Samuel

Samuel - Brisbane, Australia

It was quite difficult in the beginning, but it helped me eventually...

Jesus Healed My Hand

Photo of Nataniel

Nataniel - Słupsk, Poland

Hi to all kids, I would like to tell you how Jesus healed my hand.

God showed me how to handle faults and anger

Photo of Peter

Peter - Braunschweig, Germany

I’d like to share with you a small testimony about what I learned recently through a scripture in the Bible.

Healed From Severe Egg Allergy

Photo of Sam

Sam - Hatfield, England

When I was only a few months old the doctors discovered that I am highly allergic to many different kinds of food. My main allergy was eggs, I couldn’t even touch cracked or peeled egg shells. If I touched them I would come out in a really bad rash (like blisters), which would spread very quickly over all my body. Eating foods that contained eggs would make me feel really sick with a tummy-ache and diarrhoea, or my face would swell up, sometimes making it difficult for me to breathe.

God Never Rejects A Sincere Prayer

Photo of Anna

Anna - Perth, Scotland

Hi there

My name is Anna I would like to share with you how God answered my prayer.

One evening my family and I came home after a meeting and I had a look for my cat, I had just gotten her a few weeks earlier. I couldn't find her and started to panic.

My dad prayed with me, but I had doubt in my heart. The next day I still couldn't find her and I asked my dad to help me find her.

God Healed our Goat

Photo of Hannah and Andrew

Hannah and Andrew - Alston, England

The vet then told us that she was VERY concerned about our goat’s health and would suggest putting her down immediately. Of course, we were very upset about this and NO WAY did we want to have her put down!!!!

God spared our lives in a kangaroo attack

Photo of David and Benjamin

David and Benjamin - Adelaide, Australia

We would like to tell you about our encounter with a kangaroo and how God helped us. One day we wanted to set up some rabbit traps in our little pine forest. We had our traps and bow and arrow and walked down the property. We were aware of snakes and that’s why we were wearing long pants and proper shoes. When we arrived at the forest we saw a kangaroo about our size and her joey not too far from us. We thought “how cute, let’s watch it a little bit”.

How God brought our lost cow back - never stop praying!

Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin - Adelaide, Australia

Hi my name is Benjamin and I would like to tell you about a prayer answer about our cow. Our cow “Sunshine” likes to jump the fence as the grass is always greener on the other side. We had to bring her back a few times by holding some nice lucerne hay in front of her nose and leading her into our paddocks.

Healed Of Facial Warts

Photo of Philip

Philip - Brisbane, Australia

About a year ago I had lots of small warts on my face. Mum, dad, and I kept praying for them to go away, but they did not and even more kept coming. One day when doing some schoolwork God reminded me of a bad word I had said…

Let the Little Children Come unto Me

Photo of Hannah

Hannah - Alston, England

I’m very glad that I have the chance to grow up in a Christian family and to learn about God and to know that Jesus died for my sins...

Hungry for God - Six Year Old Starts Speaking in Tongues

Photo of Andrew

Andrew - Alston, England

My sister, a year older than me had the Holy Spirit; was 'speaking in tongues', I wanted the Holy Spirit too!!.

Hyperactivity and Behaviour Problems (ADHD) Disappeared

Photo of Dee

Dee - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Our family had a lot of problems with our oldest grandson Jayden (3 years old), almost daily getting negative reports, which was really frustrating for the whole family. The daycare center wanted to push us to get Jayden on medication against hyperactivity and the paediatrician was also going that way. We did not really know what to do until...

How God Calmed the Storm

Photo of Piotrek

Piotrek - Drawsko, Poland

From time to time we could see lightning and hear the horrible noise of thunder. We could see it coming closer and closer to our house. Some of us were very frightened; so we gathered together in one room, sat on the floor and opened my Bible just to see what Jesus would do in such a situation...

Eight Year Old Receives the Holy Ghost

Photo of Steve

Steve - St. Albans, United Kingdom

It all began one night when I was having nightmares about hell and I realised that I did things wrong like lying and so on, so...

Miraculously Found Lost Hearing Aidvideo icon

Josh - Coffs Harbour, Australia

When I was on holidays with my grandparents we went for a day to the beach where my granddad lost his hearing aide. He was desperate to find it again as it was pretty expensive and he also needed it to hear properly. We were all looking for it in the sand but it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. My mum and I prayed that God would show us where to find it...

God's Miracles for a Boy Born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan - Perth, Scotland

They believed the Bible and took their fears to God. The whole Assembly started praying, in the Name of Jesus, for a creative miracle to happen, and that the operations would be blessed. My parents read in a little booklet that you have to find the promises in God’s Word and confess them and God will make His Word come to pass. They expected miracles!

Healed from Crooked Spine and Jaw Problems

Photo of Cecile

Cecile - Biberach, Germany

My spine was crooked, causing my pelvis to be raised which resulted in my legs having, approximately 1 centimetre difference in length. There was nothing that the doctors could do for me, except heighten the heels of my shoes. While crying to the Lord in tears, I expected the healing and raised my hand to receive prayer.

God Heals Pets, God Heals People, God Heals!

Photo of Kirsty

Kirsty - St. Petersburg, Russia

I have got two white Syrian hamsters, both boys; I thought that they had had a bad fight and one had lost an eye! My brother James remembered that Auntie Aruna’s younger brother had an accident with a BB gun when he accidentally shot himself and lost an eye! Then his father prayed for him...

Persistent Prayer Pays-Off

Photo of Daniel

Daniel - Hatfield, United Kingdom

It all began with me having unusual growths on my skin at the back of my knee spring last year. I was having pain and suffered quite a bit with it. We then went to a large church convention and the growths were still there and getting worse.

Persistence Pays Off

Photo of Peter

Peter - Brunswick, Germany

My mum talked with the principal and tried to find a way how I could swap classes and be together with my friends, but she was told that this was not possible. The only thing we could do was to start praying that God would do something!

Warts Disappear!

Photo of George

George - Melbourne, Australia

About one year ago, I could not run or even walk anymore, because on the bottom of my foot were dozens of warts, just underneath the toes and all over the soles. I had not noticed when they came, but all of a sudden they seemed to be there and were very painful. 

Cut Fingers Healed!video icon

Jeremy - Stirling, Scotland

My mother prayed immediately, but there was so much blood that we couldn’t see what had happened. Only under the running water we discovered that my finger was cut from the top right through half of the nail.

Healed after Touch From the Lord

Photo of Jacques

Jacques - Paris, France

Read how an 11 year old boy was healed after being visited by a "white shining creature", who touched him and said he was healed.

Prayer Healed My Tailbone

Photo of Daniela

Daniela - Sydney, Australia

So on Sunday I asked my Dad if he could pray for me, he did and while he prayed I could feel something happening...

Lost Coin Found After Prayer

Photo of David

David - Mount Pleasant, Adelaide, Australia

I started searching for it – but really, it could have been anywhere; so I prayed to God in Jesus’ name to please show me where I lost the coin was ...

Squashed Hand Instantly Healed

Photo of David

David - Coffs Harbour, Australia

My mum closed my door without realizing that I still had my hand in the door and it got completely squashed. I was in a lot of pain and mum and I could see how the hand straight away turned green and blue. Mum prayed for me straight away...

Healed After a Bad Fall

Photo of Josh

Josh - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I had fallen head first onto the stone floor. I was unconscious, my eyes were closed and I was not moving at all anymore. My dad picked me up and prayed for me straight away.

Financial Blessing and Grandma's Healing

Photo of Stefanie

Stefanie - Zurich, Switzerland

My Grandma phoned and told my mum that she had to go to hospital, because the doctors had found blood in her lungs. They did not know how or why, but my Grandma was scared because they told her that her condition was really serious.

Fingers Healed!

Photo of Karin

Karin - Toronto, Canada

When I was 12, I was closing the door to our bathroom, but I didn’t let go of the door in time so my fingers got caught in between the door and they got squeezed quite tightly. My fingers were starting to bleed and swell and it hurt a lot! I phoned my dad, because I thought he would make me feel better. But he said that Andrea, my sister, should pray for my finger.

Jesus Healed Grandma's Headache!

Photo of Josephine

Josephine - Lyon, France

"Oma", as we call her, told me the morning after her arrival that she had a very bad headache. We don’t have any “head-ache pills” in our house, as we usually pray when somebody feels unwell. I could see that her headache was really sore, so I simply asked if I could pray for her.

God Healed Grandpa's Fingers

Photo of Josephine

Josephine - Lyon, France

My grandpa sent me a letter asking me to pray for him because he had pain in his fingers and thumbs. The pain came from cuts on the top of his fingers...

God Answers Prayersvideo icon

David - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi. My name is David and I would like to tell you why I know that God also listens to little children's prayers, as I learned when I was playing with legos a little while ago. Click on the video testimony above to see why...

Our Pet Chicken Was Lost, But Now Is Found!

Photo of Lily & Kenny

Lily & Kenny - Melbourne, Australia

One day our Daddy brought us the bad news that Daisy was gone. We couldn’t find her anywhere and we were worried that a fox could have snatched her and run away. We were all very sad and we prayed that the Lord would bring Daisy back. Two days passed and nothing happened, but on the third day...

Sure Foundation, I Applied The Parable To My Lego!

Photo of Philip

Philip - Brisbane, Australia

My parents were telling me that the blocks I was using for the base of my vehicles were too small to carry the weight of the rest of the pieces and this was why my cars weren’t stable and broke. I was often getting very frustrated because I would spend a long time building a car and then it would break. Read on if you want to know what I learnt…

Protected from Car Accident!

Photo of Karin

Karin - Toronto, Canada

My dad tried to steer over as much as he could, but there was nothing else to do and we were kind of helpless. In that second, all of us expected the two cars would crash against each other.

Seek and You Shall Find!

Photo of Tymoteusz

Tymoteusz - Slupsk, Poland

My parents and I searched the entire flat, but we couldn’t find him. In the afternoon I prayed with my dad and asked God to help us find the hamster. I told God that the best would be if the hamster would come out for a moment so that I could see where he was hiding…

Fairplay for the Lord

Photo of Tom

Tom - East Frisia, Germany

The American football team in this movie decided to give God the glory, no matter if they would win or lose. So I decided to pray with this attitude...

How I Got Healed

Photo of Dawid

Dawid - Drawsko, Poland

Read how God healed a four year old boy, whose head had swollen and turned red.

Thunderclouds Moved Away After Prayer

Photo of Elisabeth

Elisabeth - Sydney, Australia

At that moment my mum looked at the sky and noticed that the sky was pitch black, the sky looked very dangerous and fearsome and Dad asked me to pray. As we opened our eyes, we looked to the sky…

God Healed me from Travel Sickness!

Photo of Joanne

Joanne - Tillicoultry, Stirlingshire, Scotland

I couldn’t enjoy the long flights, as I got sick every time, and this happened again on our flight to Australia. We visited Australia for 4 weeks and during the last week I started to think about our journey home and how I didn’t want to get sick again

Visit of full size replica of Noah's Ark in Hong Kong

Photo of Josh and David

Josh and David - Coffs Harbour, Australia

On our way home to Australia we had the chance to visit a full size replica of Noah's Ark in Hong Kong, which left a huge impression on us...

Squished finger healed after prayer!

Photo of William

William - Vienna, Austria

I put my fingers between two heavy refrigerators and one finger was squeezed and became swollen. It hurt so much that I started to cry. My Dad immediately prayed

Healed Knee And A Spiritual Answer

Photo of William

William - Vienna, Austria

Last Wednesday I hurt my right knee. It was all red, blue and purple, and very painful! My Mum and I immediately prayed that in the name of Jesus Christ the knee would be healed and that all pain would leave. The very next morning I gave thanks to the Lord for the healing…

A Bead Stuck in My Ear

Photo of Jamie

Jamie - Barossa, Australia

One day, when I was five years old, I was playing with some beads without my mum being aware of it. I told her that I had a bead in my ear so she decided to examine it and had a closer look and saw the bead, which was now deep inside. My dad took me to the local hospital where a doctor tried unsuccessfully to remove the bead...

The Bible in School!

Photo of Judith

Judith - Paris, France

The day after, I was uplifted to see all the Bibles on the teacher’s desk. He took mine and noticed the scriptures that were underlined, plus some photos from my brethren in the assembly. He had some questions so I lent him some theme sheets about the Israelites. During the course, he taught the class who the true Israel is today. 

Healed After Gaining Faith From His Word

Photo of Jacques

Jacques - Paris, France

Read how the Lord healed an 11 year old boy after having had too much birthday cake.

Bent Tooth Root Healed

Photo of Eric

Eric - Barossa, Australia

My mum took me for a check-up appointment at the dentist. She was actually worried a bit because only one of my front teeth had fully grown. The dentist confirmed that there was something wrong with the other tooth; even on the x-ray he could not see it completely...

Finding John Knox Birthplace

Photo of Benny

Benny - Perth, Scotland

It all started after I read a book called “The Sharpened Sword“. It explains about John Knox’s life and it got me really excited about him. In school our topic was about famous people and I thought to take John Knox. In the end, after having read so much him, I was keen to go to the place where he was born and was buried. We put this before God in prayer to help us to find the places.

God Healed My Eye!

Photo of Daniel

Daniel - Hatfield, England

The shuttlecock went straight into my eye! I fell onto the floor holding my eye and was in absolute agony, there was bleeding in the iris and there was no pupil reflex

God Gave Me My Dream Guitar

Photo of Daniel

Daniel - Hatfield, England

I asked the Lord to show me the right guitar for me. After a while of looking, my Dad mentioned “Crafter Guitars.” So we went to a Guitar shop and I tried some out. They were all solid wood, beautiful looking and sounding! I fell in love with them instantly! So when we got home I looked them up on the Internet, when I saw the one that I really wanted. The problem was that it was a rare guitar and if you are fortunate enough to track one down, they usually go for around £900! So I prayed that I would find this particular guitar for less money

A Swimming Testimony

Photo of Steve and Danny

Steve and Danny - St. Albans, England

We would like to share our testimony with you about how we found a Christian swimming club that not only could both of us join, but also our brothers and sisters so we could go swim at the same time.

Jesus Healed My Cat

Photo of Timothy

Timothy - Brisbane, Australia of his eyes was closed and swollen. At first I thought he was tired, but soon I realized that something was wrong with the eye and he seemed to be in pain.

Knee Healed after Prayer

Photo of Elias

Elias - Vienna, Austria

My friends Andrew and William ran downhill so we could not see them for a few seconds, but then we heard Andrew starting to cry. He had slipped and fallen, hitting his knee on a stone. We could all see that he was in great pain...