Let the Little Children Come unto Me

Hannah - Alston, England

Photo of Hannah
Hello everybody,
My name is Hannah and I wanted to tell you how the Lord saved me.
A good while ago we moved from London Colney near St. Albans in Hertfordshire to a very small place called Nentsbury near Alston in Cumbria.
My story starts in London Colney where I lived together with my parents and my brother Andrew who’s about a year younger than me. One evening when my mum tucked us in and prayed for the night, she heard me pray along in what sounded like “speaking in tongues”. She first wanted to tell me off for imitating speaking in tongues, but something (I think the Holy Spirit) held her back and she didn’t say anything. In assemblies in school (I was in Year 2) I always prayed (very, very quietly) when everybody prayed. Towards the end of November we moved and my mum and I drove in her car with my cat Flash. It was a very long journey and it was raining very strongly – after a while I said to my mum that I wanted to talk to her privately – she said “Go ahead” – but Flash (my cat) was there, too and I didn’t want to talk. Later in the evening when we had arrived in our new house I told my brother Andrew that I was speaking in tongues and he then went and told my mum. She was very happy about this news, especially as it was our very first day in a new area where we went to as missionaries. I was baptised in the Carlisle swimming pool a few days later. 
I can’t actually say when exactly it happened that I received the Holy Spirit or how it happened. It was at some point in September after school had started. When I was first praying I was only whispering really quietly - I also hadn’t told anybody – somehow it didn’t seem the right time to tell anybody at first. My mum told me that in the car on our move up to Cumbria when we got really tired we were singing choruses. Suddenly I was not singing in English, but in tongues – my mum was very surprised!!
I’m very glad that I have the chance to grow up in a Christian family and to learn about God and to know that Jesus died for my sins. 
When I was younger I had always wished to be able to grow up on a farm. Since we’ve come to Cumbria and settled in, we now have three cats (Flash and two new kittens), 2 guinea pigs, some chickens and we’re planning to get goats. I’m really happy here, I love living in Cumbria.
With lots of love in Christ,


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