Healing Through Prayer

God's healing power has been experienced by many through the ages. Click on the links below to read more about how healing can happen through prayer!

John G. Lake - A Man of Faith and Works

Dr. John G. Lake’s ministry led to the medically confirmed healing of more than 100,000 people – through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. His life was a powerful example of faith in action. John Lake believed that EVERY Christian ought to live such a life, experiencing the fullness of Christ. 

Does God Still Heal Today?

A faith-inspiring sheet full of many Scriptures containing promises for healing. These show that God's will is that His people will be healed and explains how in Christ, Christians have victory over sickness and disease.

Jesus Wants to Heal You

A few scriptures from the Bible which show how to experience redemption and healing through prayer.

How to Heal the Sick

Part of the great commission Christ has given us as disciples is to go out and "heal the sick" (MARK 16). Many can testify of how God has miraculously intervened in their lives and how they have been healed by the power of God. This sheet gives many of the scriptures that talk about God's healing power.

A Time to Be Healed

A stunning testimony how God healed somebody who suffered back pain for years 'in His time'.

If I Was Ill and Wanted to Be Healed

Valuable information to find God's answer for healing you.

Goitre Healed Through Prayer

Mr. Knott’s cure was perhaps the most striking that Dr. Price has effected here. After Dr. Price had prayed over Mr. Knott, who is an elderly man, he .....