Healing Evangelists

Find out about the spectacular healing miracles that occurred in the ministries of evangelists such as John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth and Charles Price.

John G. Lake

Dr. John G. Lake’s ministry led to the medically confirmed healing of more than 100,000 people – through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. His life was a powerful example of faith in action. John Lake believed that EVERY Christian ought to live such a life, experiencing the fullness of Christ.  He never ceased to exhort others to attain this fullness, which God is ready and willing to bestow. Read more....

Smith Wigglesworth

Miracles in Australia and New Zealand

Smith Wigglesworth was a man who was mightily used by God in healing the sick. Through his ministry, the lame could walk, the dead were raised and people with terminal illnesses were cured. This article records some of the miracles that occurred during his visit to Australia in the early 1920s.

Ever Increasing Faith

Ever Increasing Faith is a book that was written by Smith Wigglesworth. It tells of many of his experiences and miraculous healings that occured in his ministry. The book is available online or you can get it from a local bookshop.

Wigglesworth Down Under 

This is a summary of a book about healing evangelist Smith Wigglesworth visiting New Zealand in 1922. It contains eyewitness account of his ministry down under, old newspaper clippings and some of Wigglesworth's sermons. Read more...

Charles Price

Charles Price was an evangelist in North America during the 1920s and 1930s. He traveled to many places and each time filled stadiums with thousands of people, and many spectacular miracles occurred. Even more astounding is the openness with which the press reported on what went on during the meetings: below are three articles from his two-week campaign in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1923. The articles were retrieved from microfiches of the original 1923 newspaper.

Article from April 13, 1923

Charles Price preaches on the character of a Christian and underlines the need for 100% consecration to prepare the audience for the healings that were to take place later in the campaign. The newspaper reports his sermon in much detail. Click here to read the full newspaper article from ‘The Victoria Times’.

Article from April 18, 1923

”Rev. W.J. Knott Weeps For Joy As Malady Apparently Is Cured at Huge Healing Meeting; Two People Healed of Deafness, One of Paralysis, Preacher’s Assistants Assert; Women Are Treated For Cancer and Satisfactory Results Are Claimed; Now Is Time to Be Saved, Evangelist Warns.” (full article)

Article from April 19, 1923

Using the experiences of Jonah, Rev. Dr. C. S. Price preached a sermon at the Metropolitan Church last night that brought many young people to the altar. “It is the greatest service of my whole campaign of this city,” said the evangelist, as some seventy young people appeared at the altar of penitence. (full article)