Healing of Face Burn

Dee - Coffs Harbour, Australia

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G'day everyone, 

The other day I heated up a milk bottle for my grand-child, Jye, in the microwave without realizing that the settings had been changed to high, which resulted in the bottle being under a lot of pressure and the milk being boiling hot. As I proceeded to get the milk ready to feed Jye, the lid exploded into my face and I felt the agony of boiling hot milk all over my face and neck. Thoughts of my face being scared forever crossed my mind instantly, even as I dried my face and cooled it off with water. 

Although I was in intense pain, I knew that God could heal me and went into my bedroom and prayed to God that he would heal me completely and that no scars/burns would be left. After a few minutes of prayer I felt the pain disappear more and more. When my husband and daughters, who had witnessed the accident, saw me 30 minutes afterwards they were stunned to see that the redness in my face had already fully disappeared. There was still some redness on my neck, but this also disappeared after some more time.

I am fully aware that I should have had some lasting burns in my face and neck and am very grateful to God that he healed me totally!

Greetings from Australia, Dee


The burn scar on my face is about 45 years old.
I'm going through laser treatments have about 5 treatments to go.
I pray with Gods help it works please pray with me, Thanks.

God is good all the time.

that's an incredible testimony.indeed he is LORD over every situation............your testimony is my heritage in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

He is mighty and powerful..... I am so excited to see the manifestation of my healing too. Thank you for your testimony is very enriching. God bless....