A Heavenly Visitor and a Miraculous Healing!

Christel - Chilliwack, Canada

Photo of Christel

I was feeling sick and could hardly breathe one day, so I went to bed early. My granddaughter Jennifer returned home and found me in severe pain with a burning sensation in my chest – I could hardly breathe. We decided to ask a neighbour to take us to the emergency ward in the local hospital.

There they took x-rays of my chest and found that my left lung was full of water and that I had pneumonia. I had to be taken in for surgery straight away as the doctors said I could die from heart failure. They put a tube in my back to drain the water, which was very painful because I was not able to have any anaesthetic.

The doctors were not sure what was wrong and thought that I may have a terminal illness - I had been a smoker for a long time in the past. They started to do all kinds of tests.

All my friends from the Assembly came down and prayed for me, as well as anointing me with oil as it says in the Bible (JAMES 5:14). I was more at peace after the prayer, but was still very worried that I might have cancer or some other disease.

I could see one lady was talking to the nurse at the desk, but her attention was always towards me...

My bed was facing out towards the main desk, and I could see all the nurses talking to each other there. I was very anxious and scared. I could see one lady was talking to the nurse at the desk, but her attention was always towards me and she kept looking at me and smiling. I had never met that lady before. After 5-10 minutes she left, still smiling and waving. I couldn’t understand what was happening, but suddenly I felt so calm and forgot all about my sickness, and went to sleep. Later on I asked the nurse out of curiosity who that lady was and she answered – “you are dreaming, there was nobody, go to sleep!” I believe that she was an angel and it gave me total confidence that everything was going to be OK. Praise the Lord, God was looking over me.

The next day everything changed - I had another batch of x-rays and the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I would be able to go home in a few days!

Two months later I got baptized and received the Holy Spirit, and am still in full health - Praise the Lord!


I just want to ask for prayer for my fiance Henry who has sarcoidosis and is currently in icu on a ventilator

Dear friend,

i have just prayed for Henry, trust the Lord, read His Word which will give you evergrowing faith and keep your eyes firmly on Him.

Thank you so much. God Bless and keep you

Praise the Lord !