My Dream of Heaven

Cecile - Biberach, Germany

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Hi everyone,

I had a very interesting dream a short while ago and would like to share it with you.

In my dream, I was sitting in my room when suddenly a very bright shining angel was standing in front of me. He was reaching out his hands towards me and said, “Come with me!“

I took his hand and we flew directly through the wall of my room, straight out towards the clouds and into the universe. Suddenly a very small white point appeared in the distance and as we flew closer I realised that it was the gate to heaven.

There were two angels standing beside the gate, and on the top of the gate was written in gold: THIS IS THE HOLY LAND OF GOD. The angels opened the gate and we walked in. I was looking around and I saw more angels and houses with nicely maintained gardens. We walked on and came to a second gate. Behind the second gate, God was sitting on His throne. I could not see Him because He was shining so brightly, however I knew that He was God. Then He said to me “Cécile, you have been saved for six months and if you keep on going in your Christian walk like this, I can imagine that you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

I had some time to look around. The gardens and houses were very clean and well looked after. Then sadly my mum woke me up. I would have loved this dream to never end. However, I am very thankful that God gave me such a wonderful dream. It was so real.

Love in CHRIST,

Cécile Z., Biberach, Germany


That's wonderful! - Praise God!!
Lorraine (England)

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