Healed from Cancer through the Power of Jesus

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Praise the LORD, there is victory in the Name of Jesus!

Here is a testimony that happened while I was living in NZ. I was working in a Geriatric Hospital where elderly people/patients come in to be nursed and cared for, but hardly ever come out alive.

One day a new patient was delivered to our ward. The main nurse told me that he had terminal cancer and that he had only 2 more weeks to live. He was lying in his bed completely pale; half of his face was covered with a bandage as the cancer had eaten up his upper jaw. The man had to be fed with a syringe and was on morphine. I avoided his contact for some days, as the sight of him caused me discomfort and shudders.

But one afternoon I was told to feed him. As I was sitting next to his bed a deep love for this man filled my heart and I had pity on him. I asked him if he would believe in Jesus and if I could pray for him. He nodded and so I prayed for him in Jesus' Name.

The next day I brought the "Handbook for Healing" by Charles and Frances Hunter with me and prayed again for him according to the prayer guidelines for cancer sick people in this book.

After that, whenever I saw the man, the bandage in his face was a bit smaller. After 2 weeks he was running by himself towards the dining hall and feeding himself. Shortly afterwards he was dismissed and transferred to a normal rest home.

PRAISE THE LORD! God performed this miracle for the man. I still remember his happy face. After prayer he was changed. He had faith. He grew stronger by the day. What a joy it was.

I believe that the man’s sickness was caused by a spirit which held him captive.

In the meantime I was able to minister to two other people with the same prayer. Both of them received their healing. The power of God was there during prayer and I noticed a change in both of them after prayer, but both of these people lost their healing because of unbelief or sin in their lives.

CANCER is a tumor that grows progressively through the body. It includes leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant tumors.

Here is the prayer for cancer sick people and how to minister:

  1. Bind and cast out the spirit of cancer.
  2. Curse the seed, root and cells of the cancer.
  3. Lay hands on the affected area, commanding every cancer cell in the body to die.
  4. Command the bone marrow to produce pure, healthy blood.
  5. Command healing to all organs and tissues affected and restoration of parts where necessary.
  6. Command the body’s defensive “killer” cells to multiply and attack all cancer cells.

(Taken from the Handbook for Healing by Charles and Frances Hunter, Whitaker House, page 175)

Love in Christ,



Whilst the healing of our bodies is a promise of God - please keep in mind that the salvation of our souls or the souls of others/loved ones is of utmost importance. We believe that a person must be born again, according to JOHN 3:3-5"of water and of the Spirit" or he "cannot enter into the kingdom of God." 

ACTS 2:38 "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

Some notes:  Jesus is the Healer and heals still today as He healed 2000 years ago.

Please be advised and especially your loved ones to seek the LORD Jesus in the scriptures and to trust in His promises.

It is important to understand what Jesus has done for you/us on the cross and to trust in His Redemption since sickness entered this world through sin and therefore repentance of sin is needed in our life.

Here are some books about God’s healing. Many got healed even only by reading them:

“Healing the Sick” by T.L. Osborn,

“Healed of Cancer” by Dodie Osteen,

“What you say is what you get” by Don Gossett.

The healing power of Jesus Christ is still available for everyone today. Please see also PROVERBS 4:20-22: “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my SAYINGS. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep THEM in the midst of thine heart. For THEY are LIFE unto those that find THEM, and HEALTH to all their flesh.”

Please study God’s Word and trust in HIS promises.



Please pray for my mom Wendy she has stage 4 lung cancer including brain tumors she's been diagnosed since november 2019 and its been a rocky road so far but she has taken radiation and no chemo because with faith and good dieting she can beat this disease.

Please pray for my mom, her name is Maria and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been going through this process for 4+ years. She hasn’t gone through chemo or any type of surgery because we are trusting in God. He has been healing her over the years and she is getting better every day. I ask that you help us in prayer so God can give her strength, faith, and restore her body and health completely.

Please pray for my healing.

Please pray for Lawrence, my uncle, who has today been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer of the bone marrow.

Please pray for me.
I have been suffering from blood cancer:leukaemia(chronic malued leukaemia) since 2014. Recently the cancerous cells have been building resistance to the medications.
Pray for me to be healed. I never doubted the powerful hands from day one. For me still alive is a miracle.

Please pray for me I have stage 4 lung cancer that metastasis to other body parts like my liver and bones and brain

Glory to god for healing me
Thank you

Please pray for my husband Raj 32yrs is suffering from lung metastasis cancer 4th stage and cancer had spreaded to the bones where spine got fractured. He is counting his days. Kindly pray Jesus to heal him and save him from the disease. He is having severe pain.I trust Jesus. Amen.

I know prayer still works and I trust God will heal your husband

I am praying for my son Dominick who has a brain tumor behind his right eye. I'm thanking God for his victory and healing. I'm asking the you pray with me as I go to God for healing for my son and I'm praying that the tumor leave his body in the name of Jesus. I know God can heal and I'm asking him to heal Dominick. The surgery is scheduled for 10/31/19.

My son had the surgery and they removed the tumor and no cancer. I thank God for healing my son Dominick

My dad 86 is the family patriarch, "papa ", needs healed of cancer of prostate and colon. doctor doesn't want to operate due to afib and age which is 86. Well he is my dad and i love him dearly as does his family and he is a child of God and doesn't need to die this way.It has crushed his wife and my brother and my wife and grandkids.
I pray in the name od Jesus Christ for this sickness cancer to completely disappear and command it to leave now in Jesus name.Join me in this command and pray for Tom and family please and thank you saints.We are one body.Praise God.

Please pray for a completion of healing from breast cancer for myself. I am a home school mother of an adopted daughter and am asking God to heal me fully from this disease so that I can complete my job in raising her to love and honor Jesus all her life. I have strong faith that God has healed me and will complete the work he began in healing me. Am asking for evidence of healing through up-coming testing scheduled in several weeks.

My brother has kidney cancer and is battling for his life at the moment. I have the symptoms myself though afraid to go for scan. Please pray for miraculous healing in our lives. We are so poor that we can't even source conventional treatment in a hospital. I believe in the ability of God to heal us.

Dont give up, God can do the impossible. Stay in the faith. My wife is at this moment also suffering a lot, but I believe in my Lord Jesus, who is right beside us when all the earthly things are impossible. God has given the promise to us, when all your hopes are vanished, look upon me, I will answer you.. I believe in that and utterly believe my wife will recover despite many odds.. Stay strong in the faith..God bless you.

Thanks, that was really uplifting, I m praying for you're wife, I have some sympathy, a little pain, crying out to Jesus is all we can do and all we need to do. There are some people who do faith healing, a lot try but don't have the power from Jesus. My right knee bones were worn away xray showed. I prayed, nothing happened till I joined in a football game without thinking been fine for 10 years
. Getting my mind on Jesus and being totally absorbed in Him, what a fight. Some wonderful miracle healing testimonies on line

Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mother is in pain everyday, her entire body is in pain,Everything starts with heaviness ontop of her head,than the bones in her body starts to pain and her legs become numb,docters don't really know what's wrong with my mother. They've diagnose her with all sorts of stuff.Please pray that gods blood cover my mother,father God please touch,strengthen & restore my mothers body,restore my mothers health in the name of Jesus,father God please cover and shield my mother with the Armour of God.please pray to break the curse of death and infinity curse in the name of Jesus

Prasie the lord.. I'm sending this prayer request for my dad. His name is Charles age 68. In June 2018,he was diagnosed with liver cancer (HCC cancer tumor grade 2). He had 1 year of oral chemotherapy tablets. Now we took MRI scan. In that cancer has spread to both lobes of the liver and it is metastatic HCC. Entire family is shocked.Doctor gave surgery as an option but risk is there and other is y90 treatment which costs 10-12 lakhs.Doing TACE tomorrow on 15 July,2019. Doctors are saying he will leave for 6 months only.. please pray for his complete healing and long life

Please pray for him for the cancer to vanish and he should lead a normal life. His report should be normal without any cancer cells.

Please pray for my dad's Heath. we trust in god that he will do a miracle in our life. Please pray for his speedy recovery and that the cancer should not spread or come again .

Prayer against Cancer:


I rebuke and bind the spirit of infirmity that is trying to destroy the cells in my body and I loose the SPIRIT OF LIFE into my body and I command every cell NOW to become a healthy, vibrant living cell to the glory of God. (Matthew 18:18 binds the spirit of infirmity and in Romans 8:21 and 1 Corinthians 12:9 I looses the spirit of life and the gifts of healing.)



Greetings in name our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.Please pray with my brother(Silas Semenya) one and only son of my mother whom was told he has blood cancer,please pray with him for that cancer to die and leave the body,pray for his deliverance from that disease cause I could sense in my spirit that it is demons Bind and cast out the spirit of cancer.
Curse the seed, root and cells of the cancer.I believe in God 'spower to heal him in Jesus name Amen
Lay hands on the affected area, commanding every cancer cell in the body to die.
Command the bone marrow to produce pure, healthy blood.
Command healing to all organs and tissues affected and restoration of parts where necessary.
Command the body’s defensive “killer” cells to multiply and attack all cancer cells.

Thanks for your comment. I have prayed for your brother and will continue to bring him before the Lord for the next 2 weeks. Please encourage your brother to read faith building scriptures and to seek Jesus for his healing.


Please pray for my partner Francis T. (Chad), he has metastatic cancer in his lungs brain and liver. He has a very poor prognosis. Please Lord, bring about a complete healing and restoration to full health. Thank You, Jesus.

Please pray Jesus will heal me from cancer

Praise the Lord.
I am undergoing Prostrate Cancer treatment since one year.I have full faith in God our Lord and believe that I will be fully cured soon.
please remember me in prayers.
god Bless

Lord Jesus we humbly ask you to please cure my Aunt, Grace Boneo Icasiano from Cancer.

My grand father is suffering under stage 4 liver with metastasis. I couldn't bare looking at him, because he has lost 10 pounds lost his hair. But I won't gonna worry, because I have Christ with me. I'm going to pray as per the content of the prayer, which you mention said above. Please pray for my grandfather with me.

I desperately ask for your prayers of healing for my mother Mary’s entire body. The doctors just diagnosed her with at least stage 3 cancer of the lung and are doing more tests to see, if it has spread to the brain or bone, tomorrow. My little mom is only 92 lbs to begin with and treatment will be excruciating. The doctors say the tumor is huge (10 cm) in her right upper lobe of the lung. I know, that God can perform miracles and that’s just what I am asking for. Please pray for divine intervention over my mother, so she does not even need to go forth with this harsh treatment. Please pray with me that the malignancy is banished from her body right now! I know God sends special people to do his work on earth and I am sure you are one of them. I will be forever grateful. Amen!

I would really appreciate your prayers for my Mom. She had been diagnosed with Sarcoma, soft tissue cancer in her abdomen. It's almost one year since we received this sad news! We know that God is in control of all things and He is the healer in fact author of life. My mom does not have the strength to talk and cannot eat any food at the moment, because the tumour in her stomach is so big there is no place for the food. She cries a lot because she can’t eat the food and she data a little she throw up! My mother loves the Lord dearly and her only desire to live and serve the Lord in all of her life. While she was sick, she did not stop sharing the Gospel in the hospital or anywhere else! She is just 56 years old and desire to live longer, trusting God for healing miracle! Doctors have lost their hopes and sent her home! We, as a family believe that God going to heal her for his name's sake and for His glory! Would you please stand with us to see this miracle happens so people may know that their is a God among His people! Pray that she will get more fellowship of God’s people and their prayers! Thank you so much! May God bless you all!

My husband has prostate cancer, that has spread to his bones. He is in a great deal of pain. He chooses not to medically treat the cancer but just to believe in the Lord. I am praying for him daily, all day. Please pray for him. Please tell me how to pray. Thank you.

my mother is facing a diagnosis today or tomorrow regarding possibility of ovarian cancer. She does not know the lord and is an extremely fearful and anxiety ridden personality. Please pray that she come to know the Lord and be released from her terrible anxiety and depression which has crippled her during her lifetime. She is completely unraveling with the possibility of having cancer and our family is overwhelmed with how to comfort her. My family also does not know the Lord, thank you for your prayers.

Please keep my sister, Lynnette, in your prayers. She has stage IIIc ovarian cancer with ascites (fluid building up in her belly) at only 39 yrs old. She tested positve for the BRCA-1 cancer gene. She is on her second trial of chemo. She was cancer-free for only 2 months after the first chemo regimen. She constantly feels bloated and constipated and can eat very little so she has become extremely thin. Please pray that the power of Jesus would supernaturally dissolve every single cancer cell from her body and block any recurrence. Pray her doctors will be amazed at her miraculous recovery and God’s power would be glorified! She still has a full-life ahead of her and deserves the opportunity to fulfill her God-given purpose. We are believing she will be a 60-year survivor, free of disease, and live to tell of the wondrous power of God’s healing! AMEN! God bless you all!

My father is Narasimha rao he is with 4 stage cancer please pray for him & prau for good health for all our family

Your testimony moved me to write to you, and ask for your help in praying for my sister Donna who has been suffering for several months with lymphoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. For several years, she lived w disabling arthritis and went for several prayer sessions for healing, but there was no breakthrough. Last year, shortly after our father passed, she developed signs of something more sinister, but Drs didn't diagnose it until she had cerebellar brain damage and cancer spread to her spinal cord. Soon after diagnosis, she received 2 rounds of chemo, which has left her so weak, she can no longer sit up on her own, stand up, feed herself, or even move her legs. She has to keep her eyes closed because she has double vision and it makes her dizzy and nauseous. The ocologiss have stopped treatment and discharged her from hospital. Drs tried to convince us to place her in hospice bcuz they have no answers on how to treat her condition, but we've refused to give up on her. We believe in the power of God's healing.

Donna's friends are all from her church, and regularly come by to help feed her and pray w her. They are very supportive of our decision to not give up, and to be persistent. Many times I have come close to giving up, bcuz it is so hard to see my sister in this condition. She has cachexia and has no appetite. We need to feed her pureed foods and protein shakes to keep her alive. She is not herself. She doesn't always cooperate, she's sometimes ufriendly, and says hurtful things, which is not how she was as a person prior to this disease. She has a physical aversion to food, to the point she screams and has fits. She was one of the most generous ppl, always willing to help, cooperative, and loving. The disease has taken control of the person we once knew. But we know her spirit is there, somewhere, calling out for healing. Despite the number of medical professionals who have tried convincing us to just let her go, we still keep praying for her healing. Every day, we've seen small improvements, but not by very much. The stress has affected my mother and she is ill with the flu. 5 yrs ago, my mother had the same cancer that my sister has, however she went into remission in 6 mo, whereas my sister has not had the same results. But, we keep praying for God's continial guidance and a miracle healing of her entire body and spirit. I ask for you to help us in prayer. Thank you thank you.

Please pray for my mummy to make her healthy by my side . I want to cry my mummy is suffering from gallbladder cancer fourth stage . Dr told us it is spreading fast chemos are not working and remembering this things n unable to do anything for my mummy makes me feel like m worthless . Please god save my mummy for my family. Her name is sashi please tell na god to make her healthy soon by my side please.

I am sorry to hear about your mom. My mom is going through the same thing in which she has a cancer in her abdomen that has spread to her other organs. She is being discharged in a few days back home to be with us. My friend nothing is impossible to the lord. The knowledge and wisdom of doctors are limited yet the Lord’s is infinite. I will pray for your mom and mine and I urge you to do the same. God is always listening and he wants us to invite him into our lives and into our hearts and ask him whatever our heart desires. Sending love and prayers to you and your family. Stay strong and have faith and hope in our lord and Saviour. God bless.

Please pray
for my brother who is going through chemo due to leukimia.. we put all our trust only on Jesus

Dear All,

Thank you for praying for all those who suffered. Kindly include my wife who has tumors in her vocal chords scheduled to be removed, please help us pray to Jesus that she be spared from an operation if it's in accordance to God's will, she has dedicated her gift of singing and as speaker in our church..as we pray also for all who have requested prayers of healing here, let us all pray for one another thank you Lord for all of us praying together and praising your Mighty Name...thank you

The 6 points starting with Bind and cast out the Spirit of Cancer was extremely helpful ,it covered everything will share it with others

Please pray for me i am orphan left with my 4 year child and unemployed.My parents pass on due to cancer.My mom was cervical stage 4 and dad prostate stage 4 i took care of them till they pass on infront of my eyes.Had no one to assist me when i am weak i crawl in the house i am dying silently please help me.

I am praying for you as well. Please dont let the pain kill you silently, God hears your pain. All you have to do is let go and let him carry you for a while. You have carried so much to the point where you can't stand anymore. Its time to let go of the wheel, let go of the hope that the past could have been any different, and let God have it. Give it to him and you will be free of the pain, and you will be able to stand again, and grow in His light. I am praying that you get through this, with Christ, all things are possible.

Hi friend, I am very sad and sorry to hear you have been through such sadness.  I have prayed that you find solid Christians to help you up and hold you, and become part of a life-long Christian family... Keep thanking God for the little you do have and He will bring you up and out into safety and security from this terrible situation... it happened for me and it will happen for you.  Believe. He loves you incredibly.

Lord please heal my husband Joseph Eduarte of his advance stage 4 lung cancer. I have complete faith that you will rid him of all cancer cells. He is on a clinical trial now and even though it will not happen overnight, I know you will show him a miracle and make him healthy again

The word is encouraging me every day. We have a covenant God, God say what He means; means what He says. By the Strips of Jesus we are healed. We have always heard what Jesus can do; act like you believe it, an be healed. It is not a magic wand; it is the truth of God's Word I am standing on.

The word is encouraging me every day. We have a covenant God, God say what He means; means what He says. By the Strips of Jesus we are healed. We have always heard what Jesus can do; act like you believe it, an be healed. It is not a magic wand; it is the truth of God's Word I am standing on.

53-year-old, Abnormal vaginal bleeding, still not diagnosed, leg cramps, losing muscles...Pls pray.

Please pray for my daughter in laws aunt. SHe has cancer. They gave her 6 months to live. She has two children. Please pray for Gods healing hand to reach over her entire body and heal her completely She does have faith.

I pray your daughter will be healed.Never give up.Keep praying.

Hi I'm 14 years old and a few months ago my beloved dad was diagnosed with stage one bile duct cancer. It hasn't spread anywhere but it's very painful and he has a hard time with energy. The doctor told him he was 1 year to live and when I heard that I was in complete shock. Please pray for him and ask God to rid the cancer out of his body. God please heal him of this disease and let us share our testimony with others and lead them to your way. Please let him watch me grow up and become an oncologist. The cancer isn't removable so we all have to pray as much as we can. I believe God is merciful and can perform miracles. Please God help me dad and all the other people suffering cancer. I promise I'll become an oncologist if that's what you want me to become. I'll give an update on my dad's situation. I believe in miracles and if you're reading this and going through something similar, God is a merciful God and he is with you every step of the way. Only He can heal so pray every single chance you get and be thankful for what you have. Please God heal my dad.

Hello my name is Charla. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer after having right breast removed. She's 77 years old and her Doctor said that he didn't want to take a chance cutting on her because of her age and health conditions. But I want you to know that God is in control. The minute He shed His precious blood and was put on that cross signifies that all who believe and confess Him as Lord are saved. God gave us the Authority to speak to any mountain that we may be facing. And that can be sickness, diseases, inflictions, infections, cancer, heat failure or whatever it may be. But if you believe what God says and not doubt in your heart, then you can speak to that cancer telling it to be uplifted from the root and cast into the sea then it shall. So keep your head lifted up, continue to believe that by Jesus stripes he is healed. Trust, lean and depend on Jesus and He will see you through. God said where two or more agree touching and agreeing on the same thing that He would be in the midst. So wherever you are touch and agree as I hold my hand out where I am. We're agreeing for a Miraculous healing. I'm pleading the blood over her right now in the name of Jesus. And even though the Doctor said they will not do another surgery. I know that God will keep my mother-in-law here until she is ready and that's good enough for me. So just keep your head up, trusting God. He hears you and will answer your prayer. Just stay strong and don't get weary in your well doing. Keep praying for me as I pray for you.

Dear God, I come before you as a Pastor and bring with me all the prayer requests from people on this webpage. Lord, you know the desires of their hearts and you know of the faith of those coming to You. In the Name of Jesus, which is the Name-above-all-names: I bind up and cast out the spirit of cancer from each precious soul here who needs help. Bind it up and blast away the cause, effect, record, root, and memory of their cancer. Send it back into the abyss ! And place the Blood of Jesus over each precious soul asking for healing from cancer. The cancer can not cross the lines of the Blood of Jesus, nor can it go against the mention of your Holy Name JESUS. For this is Universal law as explained in the Bible ! God & Jesus: stop the seed, root, and cells of the cancer that each person here has called for to desist and be gone. In the Name of Jesus': I command the body of each person affected to produce pure, healthy blood from their bone marrow. In the Name of Jesus: I command healing to all the tissues and areas affected by the cancer and that those area immediately and completely (and lastingly) are fully & divinely restored in Your Perection NOW!!! In the Name of Jesus I command each person's own body to unleash their defensive 'killer' cells to multiply and attack all cancer cells. Drive, Bind, and Dissolve the cancer until it is no more, dear Jesus. Keep this action going 24/7 around the clock until the cancer is no longer there. We thank you Jesus for your Mercy, your Grace at this time of need, and for your total healing that is above anything humans can think of or imagine. Praise to You, God for your perfect healings. Praise to You, God for your help and your total and utterly magnificently wonderful healings. --happening right NOW as these words are read--We just love you for this. Oh Jesus, we adore you. We thank you. And we give you thanks for helping us/our loved ones/and all those here coming before you with petitions of great urgency and need. Place angels around those we are praying for and protection and safely for their families also. Adoremus Deo! AMEN +

I am totally broken because my mother is suffering from rectum/colon cancer.I think its in advanced stage..All we have got now is god's miracle.We don't have anyone except our mother she is our pillar....I have been praying and I believe god will heal her....please pray for her healing.

Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,my mom is complaining of heavyness on top of her head and dizzyness almost everyday,and pain in her body,Please help to pray that God heal my mother,Lord I'm pleading with you to please heal my mother's headaches stop the dizzyness and please heal every pain in my mother's body, every sickness knowing or unknowing please heal it in Jesus name,Lord please streghten my mothers body please grant my mother good health,lord please keep your protective hand over my mother so that no harm should come her way,Amen

Please pray for me. God willing, will have surgery next week Friday, December 29, 2017 to remove my left breast diagnosed stage 3 cancer. With humility and faith kindly asking for your prayers for a Christmas miracle of God's merciful healing upon me. Thank you and God bless!

Please pray for my son in law who has stage 4 cancer in his esophagus which is very rare for a person his age. He has young children who need and love him so much. He is one of the most loving, kind hearted and giving people I know. I hope God will give him the most precious gift and that is the gift of life. He has giving so much of himself to others. He always says life is good. He is in the hospital now. He has stage 4 cancer which has spread to his liver. Dear God I know and believe you will cure him of this dreadful disease because of his goodness. This time last year he granted a single woman and her children a wonderful Christmas. He chose this family from our local post office to be their Santa. He purchased all the gifts requested and some to brighten their holiday because he felt his children have been bless with two parents. He wanted to help someone less fortunate. He done this numerous times. This is who he is. I pray God will have mercy on him so his children will still have both their parents. I know if God answers our prayers He has so much more good deeds to do. I love him for being a great father, husband, son and son in law. Just a great guy. He is love. I am proud to say I am the mother in law of Herman B. Let's all pray for our love ones as well as all the cancer patients on this site. Together we can win this battle with God's help.

Asking for prayer for mom who's going for surgery tomorrow to removes stage 1 pancreatic cancer, I bind the spirit of infirmity and decree and declare that cells and organs in her body will function properly. Asking for complete healing in the name of Jesus a speedy recovery and cancer to never return again ,Asking for a miracle. Cause God is still on the throne working miracles.

Please please please pray for my mother suffering from stage 4 cancer please I request please pray for my mother

I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer a year ago - in my spine and liver. The early days were filled with darkness but through prayer I have been able to grow stronger and better each day. I pray to God for total healing from the disease and although I am not cured, I know God is holding me in the palm of his hand and walking this journey with me.

Hi, I was happy to see what a difference Jesus has made in your life. I pray for your life to be full of Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit to flow in and out of you, and for your symptoms to leave forever. IN THE NAME OF JESUS

Dear Lord Jesus, Please heal my mother.
Dear friend, please pray for my mother, who is suffering from lung cancer. I trust in our Father in Heaven. Please Lord, heal my mother. I know you can do it, Jesus, as I trust in you, please heal my mother.

Lord please heal my husband of his stage 4 liver cancer. I have complete faith that you will rid him of all cancer cells. He is on a clinical trial now and even though it will not happen overnight, I know you will show him a miracle and make him healthy again so he may watch our two little ones grow. Please Lord, give us a Christmas miracle.

My father was been rediagnosed with stage IV bladder cancer. We are hoping to begin treatments again very soon. They are unsure if he will be able to ingest food in his own again so they have inserted a GI tube. I ask for healing prayers to destroy the cancer cells, allow my father to eat as most of us do, enjoying food by mouth, chewing, and swallowing. We ask for no more surgeries or bowel obstructions to occur, and most importantly for his body to heal body, mind, and soul.

Hello, please please pray for my father. Recently he had been diagnosed with GBM grade 4 brain Tumor , please give us strength Lord and cure him , I lost my mother 3 years back when I was only 21. I do not have anyone else in this world apart from my father. Please save him please cure him . Please cure him. Lord please listen to my prayers.

I just prayed. Believe in healing, in Jesus' mighty name.

Please pray for me-two nogules, one in each lung, were just found when I went in for a heart angiogram. An hour later, after angiogram, I had two minor strokes-heart and brain scans than found these Nogales when they were scanning- a total shock and surprise finding. I'm believing for my healing in Jesus name and I know this was all divine in the timing.

I know many others also need a prayer and this may take some time before you can read this but I wish to thank you first for helping to pray.

I desperately need a prayer for my father, Fong Kah Hen and my family. Please pray for him to be blessed with the healing power of God. He was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago on 10 October 2014. The cancer started from the lung but when we found out it has already spread to the bones. It was one day after my birthday. The chinese doctor actually recommended for x ray to be done so that we can find out the root cause. On and off the cancer come and go, his condition did improve but when the cancer recur, it came back with more severe parts being spread with cancer. Early this year, it spread to the back bone and spine so he is bedridden until now and is relying on chemo to help reduce the cancer cells. The chemo did not really helped, he was unconscious and have difficulty expressing himself we thought it was the chemo effect as we read from the web. The doctors have apparently have given up on him and only tell us our father's cancer is the advanced stage and there is no cure for it and he can only wait for time. He can opt for chemo but they do not think the chemo would be of much help. Maybe it can prolong his life but not cure him. Last Saturday my father was admitted to emergency and based on scanning, the cancer has spread to his brain which is why he has difficulty to express himself. It hurts me seeing my father in such pain and helplessness. Dear God, we do not know what to do. Please help him and let him see your miracle works. Please heal him. Please do not take him yet. Let him have the chance to share your testimonial so more people can be touched. Please take away all the cancer cells, rebuild all the healthy cells and let him be well again. Please have mercy on my father. I ask this through Jesus Chirst, Amen.

Thank God for improvement in my father's condition. We know and trust God is performing his miraculous works on my father. Will update again when my father is better. We trust God for full healing.

My Father, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm coming to you not on my own will, but your will be done in my life as well as my mother-in-law. Father she has been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 77 under her right breast. But Lord I bind that cancer right now in the name of Jesus for you said in your Word in Isaiah 53:5 that by your Stripes we are healed, and I know your Word will not come back to you void because you don't lie. So I need your prayers that she will be delivered from this illness. I need for all of us wherever we are to stand in agreement right now for the Power of Jesus to manifest. Touching, moving and healing our loved ones. Moving in a Mighty way. But we must fully believe that He will. Trusting, leaning and depending on Him. Lord shrink the cancer right now in the name of Jesus, remove the pain from her body in the name of Jesus. Come to her aid now Lord, step into the nursing home where she's lying and take control, being that great Physician that she needs. For I know that the cancer is not bigger then you. But your bigger then the cancer.Hallelujah in the name of Jesus. For it is well. Please keep her in your prayers as you stand with me right now for her healing. God bless you.

Please stand in faith with me as I am alone. Pray with me for complete and total healing of a growing mass in my right breast, in the might name of Jesus. Please pray with me for complete and total healing of a mass in my stomach area,in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, You are my healer, my life and my supplier- Thank You and I call the healing DONE, in Jesus name

Almighty Jesus..my husband is suffering from pain in the stomach. Ultrasound result reveals lesions in the liver. Today is his CT scan schedule to check. We in the family are all depressed with the fear of the unknown as his father died a year ago and was suspected that it was due to liver Mets. Pls Jesus my husband is only 49 years old and the best husband and father serving the church. Pls spare us from bad result of the ct scan. May all result will turn out well and benign. In Jesus Name I humbly ask this request for the complete healing of my husband Luke Franco A. Abella. Amen..

My mom has stage 4 cancer, on her breast, lungs, liver, bones, brain. I am believing on a healing.

I ask for healing prayer for my mum Stella who has stage 4 breast cancer. I pray that God willtotally restore her health in Jesus name. Amen

My daddy has stage 4 small cell lung cancer with brain tumors. The cancer has spread all over his body. I pray and please pray with me that God will heal my Daddy and restore his health and give him more years on Earth with us. I pray every cancer cell be removed from his body.

Good evening, please pray with me for my sister's healing. She has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and kidney failure. We have been told that this cancer is quite aggressive. Let us join our faith together and pray for her complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

By His stripes "we" are healed, so is your sister.Fear not God is alive.His name is Jehovah Rapha The Lord our healer.I speak life to your sisters kidney. I say Talitha Kumi to all her body organs!

Please pray for my dad. He has last stage of cancer of gallbladder. His name is NB Thapa.
Please pray for Jesus to heal him.

Please pray for me as I will take an operation on Friday. Please ask God to guide the surgeon's hand andI believe all will be well.

I just had a car accident 4 months ago. My car was total. They took me to the hospital and they did CT-SCAN. During that time they found something in my lungs. So please pray for me. I have to go for a check up again next year in April and I know God will heal me of whatever it is. Thanks and God bless you

Please pray for my mother. She is suffering from recurrent ovarien cancer. Dr say she will be not cure we only give chemo to control it. She has regular constipation and vomiting.she cry with pain. Please god help my mother. Please pray for my mother.

Please pray for my mum, Mercy, who has recently been diagnosed with bile duct cancer. We don't know the stage yet, we are trusting God for healing.

Gracious Father, In the precious anme of JESUS, I ask first forgiveness of all sin. Now LORD, I come before your throne of grace asking for a complete healing of colon cancerfor my husband on this side of heaven. We both feel that you have work for us to do together here and I am asking for complete body restoration/healing.LORD your word says forget not our benefits and by JESUS stripes we're heal and we're thanking you in advance for healing. Touch every organ, blood cell and vein. Also, LORD, I see many other prayer request on this page and I ask that you move on all of them and give us a bold spirit to tell others about the power of JESUS. Ithank you in advance for total healing on this side. In JESUS name amen.

My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. I can't tell you the stage, type, just that his jaw is detireating. We find out more info, next week. Please pray for our little family. Thank you and God bless.

Dear Heavenly father I ask that you move in this family and give them guidance, peace and love as they face this very difficult time in their lives. I pray that you will reach out and touch this man's body and make him whole. "The God who brings peace will soon defeat Satan and give you power over him. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you" Romans 16:20
Be of good courage and know that nothing is impossible with God.
Bless you and your Family.

Please pray for my Dexter.He has stage 4 brain tumor.Now I only believe in some miracle to be happen for him.Please if someone know a healer for him reply

Dear Father, I bring your son Dexter to you and ask that you to have mercy on him and make him completely whole. I pray that the root cause of the brain tumor in his body will be destroyed and that all the affected cells, tissues, organs and muscles, will be restored to complete health. May he not be discouraged as he faces this challenging obstacle in his life . Give him the strength and wisdom to know that you truly love him and care. I ask that you walk with him every step of the way and may you receive all the praise and glory in this situation.
"If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer" Matthew 21:22

Good morning Blessed people of God.

Please I am asking for prayer for my brother Inlaw Egbe. He was diagnosed with a strange type prostate cancer early this year. He has been in a lot of pain and was placed on Oxycodone every 5 hour. The word of God says if two shall agree on earth it will be done in heaven... Please keep hin in your prayers as we are trusting God for a miracle. Thank you and God bless!

In the name of Jesus be healed and be made whole. Prostate Cancer, I command you to shrivel up and die!!! You are not welcome to remain in this body anymore. "By his stripes we are healed" you have no authority over this man's body or life. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world!! No weapon form against you shall prosper in Jesus name. May you receive your healing in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Be blessed and know that he is the one true living God.

My maternal Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. It was stage 3 and had already spread to her lungs.Doctors had given her few months to a year. But she is a believer and we all believe God is able enough to work a miracle. Though all the medical reports are against our belief we still believe the report of the bible that with god all things are possible. Please pray for her to be completely healed.

Dear Father, I pray for this wonderful woman that has been diagnosed with this rooted evil of a disease ( breast cancer). I ask that you will lay your hand on her body and make her completely whole again father. We know that with you, nothing is impossible, so Lord Jesus please have mercy upon her and may you alone be glorified for your mighty works. Amen
God came to give life and to give it more abundantly.. He is the creator of the universe and the one true living God.
Hold on to him as he cradles and keeps you safe as you face this temporary obstacle in life.

Be blessed and know that the God that created the universe, knows you by name. You are precious to him and his love for you is unending.

I need prayer for my Father he has stage 4 colon cancer. The cancer has spread to his liver. I believe he will be healed in Jesus' name. The doctors gave him pain medication. The doctors also gave him oral chemotherapy, which they said won't help with his cancer. I know Jesus is a healer. Thank you! Please pray for my Father to be healed. I know he will be healed in Jesus' name.

Please Heavenly father, I come to you tonight to ask you to have mercy on your son and heal him from his stage 4 cancer. Lord you said that "by your stripes that we are healed" and I believe it and claim the healing for this man in your mighty name Jesus. No weapon form against him shall prosper!!!
"They will call to me and I will answer them. I will be with them in trouble; I will rescue them and honor them. I will give them a long, full life, and they will see how I can save" psalm 91:15-16
Be healed and be made whole in the name of Jesus. Let this be to your glory Lord God.
Bless you..and may you be made well.