God Answers my Desire to Learn Piano

Miriam - Hatfield, England

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Hi everybody,

I would like to share the testimony of how God gave me the gift of a keyboard and piano lessons. 
For a long time I had the dream of playing the piano and owning one, though sadly keyboards are very expensive and pianos were out of question. I already played the violin and the recorder, but there was nothing that I wanted more than to learn how to play the piano. I always prayed and believed that my prayers would be answered and I knew that nothing was impossible for God.
MARK 10:27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.
Then, one day, it was getting close to my mum’s birthday and her friend, Ewa, asked her what she would like (my mum had also been praying for a piano). Ewa said that she had a gift ready, but wanted to know what the best thing was that she could give her. Since my mum had been praying for a long time she said that a keyboard would be wonderful. And… PTL! Ewa – for a reason that she didn’t know – had brought out a keyboard that her family hadn’t used for over a year and gave it to us for free! It was in perfect condition and only the cable had to be made longer. It really was a prayer answer! Though, at that time I taught myself for I had no teacher. That is, until a friend from our church, offered to give me lessons after her sister, Laura, had heard me playing! I had these lessons for about 6 months until Hannah decided that she was going to move to Austria, her home country. Hearing this I was very upset but I prayed that God would provide another teacher when Hannah left.
Behind our house there is a first-class music school.  Finding this, my mum prayed and put my name down for piano lessons. I was overjoyed at the thought even though the waiting list was quite long and I was at the bottom. After about two weeks suddenly the school phoned us and asked me if I wanted piano lessons every Tuesday! They explained that they had rung the 30 – 40 people in front of me on the list but no one answered or got in contact with the school! This was surely the Lord’s doing!
MATTHEW 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
I still have these lessons every Wednesday and have taken two grades. My teacher is wonderful and I love learning to play the piano for God’s glory… I play in almost every meeting and thoroughly enjoy it. 
Praise The Lord!!!
In His Love,


To God be all Glory. I am truly excited for you! Your testimony is also an inspiration. I have a great desire to learn to play the piano. I prayed to God and was blessed with my own keyboard with speaker and cords. I kept praying and Grid said " You can read music" and I got excited because I can play the clarinet, and recorder. So I started writing the notes in the hymn books and write the notes to the piano keys on my keyboard with my art pencil and began to teach myself. I have now reached the level where I do not need time to write the notes. I can play without doing that. I am still waiting on a teacher. But the people at church are excited for me because I play for our services and it growth. God is always concerned with anything that concerns us. Again I am encouraged by your testimony and excited for you. Keep praying and expecting God to show up!

I have been desiring and praying about learning keyboard , I am getting old but, have a keyboard but unable to learn. No one plays any musical instruments in church. If God in His grace helps me I will use it for His glory only.

Praise God!!! I have been trying to teach my self through you-tube its hard but I continue to try and practice when I can. I pray that God will give me the gift to be able to play, at our church no one knows how, and the little that I know I share. I truly believe that nothing is impossible for GOD, and in his time i will be be able to play and also sing, Lord knows I don't have the voice right now to sing but I believe in miracles and just like the word of GOD says he will give me the desires of my heart.

Praise the Lord!!!! Please heĺp me to pray for this same blessing to be able to praise the Lord in church!!!! I've trying to learn for 5 yrs (I got discouraged and abandon it for a whole year)...but I began again...My problem is finances, I have the keyboard (thank you Jesus), however, I cannot afford the piano classes...in my church no one knows to play and its very painful to see that I could fill this need, but I can't play...it's hard to learn by myself...please pray that God give me the knowledge and everything comes together in my brain or to provide a teacher for free because I am unemployed right now...I love the piano!!!!...Thank you and blessings....I'm rejoicing for Miriam!!!..Our God IS good!!!!

I want to learn how to play piano

Praise God Miriam! This is so awesome! I hope and pray that God will allow you to excel, and you will be using these gifts to bless others through Him! I am also praying that the Holy Spirit will grant my strong desire to learn keyboard, I know the notes, but keyboard seems really hard. I thank you for posting those scriptures, AMEN!

Hey praise Jesus! What an awesome testimony!
I never played piano but love praising god and am believing Jesus is going to teach and bless me the way he helped you with your dream of piano and keyboard! How awesome! I'm excited for what The Lord Jesushas done and is doing and what he will continue to do for u!
Thanks for encouraging me! Miracles from Jesus are real! God bless u!!!

Thank you! That's great! I've actually still have my keyboard (I love it!) and recently the Lord also answered my prayer for an upright piano! I still play piano in church meetings, and love that as well. Yes they definitely are! Who can deny it? God bless you too!

Amen! This testimony touched my heart. God also allowed for me to learn how to play the keyboard for his glory! Keep serving God!

Praise the Lord Miriam. I'm so glad the Lord has given you your heart's desire!