I Wrote My Car Off in an Accident – Then God Gave Me One of the Same Value!

Bob - Brisbane, Australia

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I would like to tell you about a testimony where I had a car accident. On that Saturday some years ago we had a prayer meeting planned in the afternoon. In the morning I still had to do several things and then pick up some friends to drive to the place where we held the prayer meeting. Rushing around to get everything done approaching an intersection I did not pay attention and crashed into the back of a car that was waiting in the middle of the road to turn into a side street. No one was hurt but the other car was quite damaged but covered by insurance. However, my car was a write off. It was not insured for the damage.

When I bought that car I could only afford to buy it because I had received a sum of money as a gift. In my eyes it had been the perfect car: a VW station wagon with enough room for my friends, luggage and often tools for my trade. I loved it. I did not have savings and was only on relatively small wages from a 4 day per week job. I was devastated. Also here I have to say that at the time I was a young Christian not knowing much about God’s providence. My mind was going wild and I started planning to ride my push bike again. I let everyone else know what had happened and put my car to the side of the road. We organized someone else’s car and drove to the prayer meeting. During that time a friend of mine came over and suggested we could pray for a new car. I agreed even though I wasn’t exactly full of faith. To my surprise he laid hands on me and started praying that the Lord would bless me with a replacement car of equal value. My whole mindset was: “How could that ever happen?” Later we concluded the meeting and left to go home. Here I powerfully learnt the principle of:

MATTHEW 6:31 "Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?"

MATTHEW 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

The next day my uncle, who was a policeman, heard about my accident and agreed to look at the car. Incidentally he also often repaired cars. Soon after that we had a look at my “write off” and to my absolute surprise he offered me that he would take this one off me and give me a Mercedes van in exchange. It was an old van but fully functional, could carry 5 people and had even more cargo area than my VW. You can imagine that I was over the moon! This van then served faithfully until I was able to buy my next car. I was able to use it in many situations to help others with moves and transporting things. It was even used to move a friend of mine from South Germany to Scotland. 1000s of kilometers - often for God’s kingdom.

The Lord certainly “over answered” our prayer from that afternoon. PTL



That is a great testimony. I am from an area in which even obtaining a bike is a problem. So far, my Father in heaven has enabled me to use public transport as means as a form to reach and help many spiritually. Also, thanking God about keeping me safe, as most people testifying about their cars where involved in accident, however the Lord protected or healed them. Since, I believe one day God will bless me with a small car to do his work.

This is really an encouraging testimony as I'm in the same situation and also had the same thoughts of getting a bike. God IS Good!

Hey there. Thanks for your comment. That came just after I uploaded the text. It was so encouraging for me to see that after (finally) putting this in writing it was straight away there to help someone! Praise the Lord!