Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Stirling - Scotland


Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Stirling - ScotlandStirling Group in Callendar Park, Falkirk

Welcome to Stirling! We are a small, Christian group, meeting in and around Stirling. We gather regularly in our members’ homes in Stirling itself as well as in some of the small towns that run along the Ochil Hills. We take the Bible as the Word of God, and meet together as the first churches did, to seek God, worship, pray, have fellowship and support one another.

Our meetings tend to be quite informal, and hopefully welcoming for newcomers; our church is based on personal involvement and by coming along you can meet people who have had real experiences with God, and who perhaps can help you with any personal questions you may have. We sing (even within our small group we have a band), pray, learn from scriptures and take bread and cup together. We run a Sunday school for our children so that they can also get to know God. We also have a lot of great Christian teaching – books, DVDs and articles – for those seeking answers on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Bible and Christian life, and will be happy to share these with you.

We are part of an international church with groups in various cities across Scotland, Europe and the world. Even amongst our group here in Stirling four different countries are represented!
In the warmer months (if we’re lucky enough to have any) you may see some of us kicking a ball around in Callendar Park, Falkirk on a Sunday while our more senior members sit back, chat and enjoy some fellowship.

As well as getting to know and support each other at social activities such as picnics, BBQs and walks in the summer at various beautiful locations that we are privileged to be surrounded by, we also support each other and the church by giving our time and skills practically every alternate Saturday.

Every month there is a bigger gathering of the church – all the groups in Scotland, and sometimes those from England as well – in the town of Abernethy in Perthshire. The church has a provide a fantastic venue for us to meet in.

The Stirling Kids


Some of us have testimonies posted on our website so if you’d like to “meet” some of us prior to getting in contact please follow the following links below to see just a few  examples of how God has worked in our lives.

 Saved and Healed by the Power of Jesus' Name! God healed our sister Margie from ( power-jesus-name)

 Healing from various health issues! Our bother Gary was healed from Asthma and Hay fever ect. “So I decided to chuck my medication away and trust in the Lord. And was healed instantly, Praise the Lord” (

 Seek and Ye Shall Find - the Truth! Sam had been searching to find out whether our   lives actually have a purpose and looked everywhere else before finding the answers in the Bible! (

 He's now ideally placed to help us find answers as our Pastor. Please get in touch, he’d be happy to talk about questions you may have.

House Group Meetings We are always happy to have guests, so if you are in the Stirling area and are keen to find out more about God, Christianity, the Bible or anything spiritual at all, do come along and visit us. Whether you’d like to come to one of our meetings (Wednesdays at 7 pm, Sundays at 1.45 pm), or prefer to meet up with a couple of us in town at a coffee shop, we are happy to oblige. Please feel free to contact us via the website

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Or give Sam a call or text on 07903757759.