Christian Pentecostal Church Group in St Albans - England

Welcome to St. Albans, named after the first recorded British Christian martyr, a Roman soldier executed for protecting a Christian preacher!

Our house groups meet on Wednesdays and Sundays in our homes and, (weather permitting), in the local parks .We do periodically have larger meetings with other house groups in England and attend local and international conventions, however we generally like to keep our meetings small and friendly; like a family.

Assembly group

We are a diverse group composed of various nationalities and ages; both families and single people are welcome, we have both families with small children and teenagers!

MeetingMeeting Our meetings are lively and informal and our house groups are more like a family and by joining us you can meet people who have had real experiences with God, and who, perhaps, can help you with any personal questions you may have! 

We also have a lot of great Christian teaching for those seeking answers on a variety of subjects relating to the Bible and Christian life, and we will be happy to share with you...







  • You have questions about God,
  • You want to know how you can accept both Science and the Truth of the Bible
  • You want to get to understand what God wants for your life.
  • What it means to be a Christian.

Then Come & Ask!

We have DVDs and books on a range of topics from Evolution being ‘Theory’ not Fact, to Healing and Health!

Most importantly we have personal experience of knowing God!

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Here are some testimonies of how God has worked in our lives:

Wise Eight Year Old Gains Salvation!

Controlled By Fear Teen Sought God!

God Does Use Teens For Miracles!

The Lord Answers Prayer

Leg Grows after Prayer

God Answers my Desire to Learn Piano

Self-Sufficient I.T. Consultant – Now Peace and Real Life

Loner Looking for Eternal Life

Risen from the Dead

Allergies Healed Through Prayer and Healthy Eating

My Life Healed by God’s Power