Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Perth - Scotland

Welcome to our group in Perth, right in the heart of Scotland.

We are a bunch of people from different countries such as Scotland, Switzerland, Germany and England. So whatever your background is, feel free to pop in for a cuppa and chat!


We usually meet in private homes, but one ray of sunshine, and you’ll find us at the North Inch or the Quarrymill Park near Scone Palace, which is always good for a game of footy or volleyball and well favoured by the kids.


We have plenty of opportunity to get to know each other spending time and sharing how the lord impacts our lives on a daily basis.



Our meetings are lively and informal and by joining us you can meet people who have had real experiences with God, and who, perhaps, can help you with any personal questions you may have! 










We also have a lot of great Christian teaching for those seeking answers on a variety of subjects relating to the Bible and Christian life, and would    be happy to share them with you...





Testimonies from People of our group have a look!!


Brian, one of our members got freed from a life of addictions to Gambling, Drinking and Smoking.
Our group leader tells the story of how his boring teenager life, turned into an exiting adventure.
Shimi’s son got healed after a dangerous accident.
Debbie is sharing how the Lord saved her and how her foot got healed.



You can also visit us at our church properties in Abernethy, some 6 miles south-east of Perth. These venues are used for various community events ranging from Christian meetings to ceilidhs, and from weddings to funeral wakes.
The Corn Kist, our assembly run coffeeshop.
The Corn Kist insideThe Corn Kist inside
The village itself has an amazing history and was visited by revival in the late 1700s. Have a look in the Perthshire Diary if you’re interested.
The Corn Kist outsideThe Corn Kist outside


Want to come along? Just give Fraser a call on 079 215 77 229 and we'll let you know where the meeting is.