Christian Pentecostal Church Group in New York - USA

Welcome to New York

We are a church of Bible believing Christians, divided up into small groups around the world.  We believe in the biblical pattern of baptism by full submersion and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues as shown in the Bible in Acts 2:38.

You’ve found a group of us nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York! Our group is part of a larger international organization with headquarters in Australia and Scotland. Our entire assembly follows the same pattern of teaching biblical training. We have house meetings just like the apostles did in Jesus' time, following the strict patterns set in the Gospels and the letters of the Apostles. We normally meet in or around New Paltz, New York for Wednesday and Sunday meetings or spreading the word. Our meetings consist of singing choruses and hymns, and sharing testimonies and revelations about God's Word. These meetings are centered on the practical teaching of the Bible. We also meet for occasional prayer meetings.

This is a very closely connected international assembly, often sharing talks and teaching from other areas around the world. We have large area meetings throughout the year where we can visit the brethren in other countries. These meetings are in the summer, spring and winter during public school vacation times. As members of the New York assembly, the closest assembly group to us is located in Ontario, Canada. We get together multiple times throughout the year either in Canada or the US.

Although each of us has a full work week, we often like to get together to hike, swim, explore this beautiful state, go on camping trips, and etc. On occasional weekends we get together to help each other with home projects and hobbies. Being a Christian is not just about going to church on Sunday in a religious way, it is rather about gaining a better relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you find yourself in the New York Metro area, Hudson Valley area, or if you live in the tri-state region, give us a shout. We are always there for someone who is interested in gaining a better knowledge of Christ.