Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Glasgow - Scotland

Hi from all of us! We are the Glasgow group of Christian Assemblies. We meet together for meetings, fellowship, to go witnessing and from time to time meet with everybody else in our church in Scotland.

Meetings take place on Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. Usually we have a time of worship with choruses, hymns and testimonies, followed by news and teaching which has been distributed throughout our church. We always have some scriptures from the Word of God, prayer, and on Sundays we take Bread and Cup together. After the  meetings, we always have some food and fellowship to which you are most welcome. We believe that God should be the main focus in life.  And If we apply His Word in our day to day life, the Lord is able to bless us in all our needs.

As you can see from the photo below, we often meet outside because there are lots of beautiful parks in Glasgow.

Enjoying Pollock ParkEnjoying Pollock Park

Christianity is not "being religious", but is about relationships, firstly to God, and then to your next one. That's why we don't just see each other for the "Sunday Service", but do various things together like for example helping with DIY jobs in our houses or fixing our cars or just having a game of football. On a nice day we take the kids to the park and get a game of volley ball going. Most of us do normal 9-5 jobs during the day, but if an occasion arises where we can help somebody along his way to find Christ for his/her own life we are happy to do so.

We all come from different backrounds, most of us have experienced a worldly life with all that it brings with it, even alcoholism, drug abuse and depression.  But God had a better way for us and one day we met somebody who showed us the blessings of the full gospel which goes far deeper, and is more satisfying than mere church going on a Sunday for the sake of it. Please do come along for a coffee if you just want to talk or find more help in overcoming your problem.  We have films and teaching about Rock Music, History, Creation vs Evolution, false religions, the truth about living a healthy life etc etc. If you’d like to learn how Henry got free from drug abuse and occult influence you can follow this link (Freed from the Occult!).

Jesus promised that the truth will set you free: JOHN 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". In Him you can overcome all your burdens and have a new life!

Glasgow has an interesting Christian heritage. Dwight L Moody visited Glasgow in 1872, and preached in the Botanic Gardens. For more info click here. To finish off our little discourse on Glasgow's great Christian past, we'd like to remind ourselves of a city motto, which not many cities in the world can boast of: "Lord let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of Thy Word and praising of Thy name."

Quite a few people have been saved according to ACTS 2:38 in the Glasgow Assembly Group over the years, and have gone out as missionaries. We are continuing the work here, and keep on preaching the full Gospel, and are looking forward to get to know anyone who is interested in the Lord.

Glasgow Assembly GroupGlasgow Assembly Group

If you would like to come along to one of our meetings, please contact Fraser on 079 215 77 229.