Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Brisbane - Australia

Hello from all of us here in sunny Brisbane.

Assembly group meeting in Brisbane We are a small Christian group of Spirit-filled people who get together in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We meet in our homes or, if weather permits, outdoors in places like Southbank or at the beach. You may see us having a BBQ or picnic at Southbank from time to time. We also like outdoor activities like camping, bush walking and swimming.

We meet on Sundays and Wednesdays for fellowship and worship, and meet together every other Saturday. Our meetings consist of sharing testimonies, the passing on of news and teaching from our pastors and other house groups from around the world, spending time talking about and teaching from the Word of God. We have a time of prayer, and on Sundays we take Bread and Cup (the Lord's Supper). After the meetings, we have a meal together and fellowship for which you’re welcome to join us. We believe and teach that the old biblical ways are the only way, so we preach and teach this without compromise.

We are a truly international group here in Brisbane as we have people from 5 different countries; Germany, France, Poland, Spain and of course Australia. So wherever you are from we know you will fit right in here. Every 6 weeks approx, you will find all of the Australian house groups from the East Coast heading to Coffs Harbour for our larger gatherings where we can learn from each other and strengthen our Christian walks. We always leave Coffs uplifted and inspired.

Our Brisbane group, as with all the other groups, is quite informal. It is also enjoyable for the kids and welcoming for guests. We believe in personal involvement and encourage it. All of us have experienced God’s power in our lives, and you can check out the testimonies of some of our group members here:

We also have a lot of great Christian teaching – books, DVDs and articles on subjects such as the Bible and history, creation versus evolution, rock music, false religions, the truth about living a healthy life etc. You will also find some of that information here on this site.


Jesus promised that the truth will set you free: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (JOHN 8:32). In Him you can overcome all your burdens and have a new life!

We are always happy to have guests, so if you are in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area and want to find out more about God, Christianity and the Bible, or if you have questions, please do come along and visit us. Whether you’d like to come to one of our meetings or prefer to meet up with a couple of us in town at a coffee shop, we are happy to oblige. You can send us an email at