Christian Pentecostal Church Group in Bournemouth - England

Welcome to Bournemouth! We are a small Christian group meeting regularly in our members’ homes in Bournemouth as well as in Fordingbridge, a small town north of Ringwood. We are part of an international church with groups in various cities across England, Scotland, Europe and the world. Even amongst our group here in Bournemouth 3 different countries are represented!

After the Baptism of a New BrotherAfter the Baptism of a New Brother

In the warmer months you may see us at the beach with the kids, out meeting people in the town centre or enjoying some fellowship at Moors Valley Country Park. Otherwise, we meet in house groups for meetings and informal times of fellowship. Every so often we gather together with other church members from across England and sometimes also Scotland.

Our meetings tend to be quite informal, enjoyable for the kids and welcoming for guests; our church is based on personal involvement and by coming along you can meet people who have had real experiences with God, and who perhaps can help you with any personal questions you may have. We also have a lot of great Christian teaching – books, DVDs and articles – for those seeking answers on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Bible and Christian life, and will be happy to share these with you.

Some of us have testimonies posted on our website so if you’d like to “meet” our group leader Jason you can follow this link (Healed from Nail Fungus!). We have the aim to see God’s truth being revealed and people everywhere to find the real meaning of life – especially during these times of uncertainty.

It is noteworthy to mention that Bournemouth has an interesting Christian history and was the home of Britain’s first Pentecostal church, which you can study in the below article on the BBC website.
“The first Pentecostal church in the UK was founded by William Oliver Hutchinson in 1908 at the Emmanuel Mission Hall, Bournemouth. It became the headquarters of a network of "Pentecostal churches which became known as the Apostolic Faith Church." (quoted from

We are always happy to have guests, so if you are in the Bournemouth area and are keen to find out more about God, Christianity, the Bible or anything spiritual at all, do come along and visit us. Whether you’d like to come to one of our meetings or prefer to meet up with a couple of us in town at a coffee shop, we are happy to oblige. 

Bournemouth Assembly GroupBournemouth Assembly Group

  Please feel free to contact us via the website (email or give Tom a call or text on 079 822 463 16.