Summary of the Historical Articles 5-7

“Prove all things, hold fast that which is good” (1 THESSALONIANS 5:21).

The British Israel World Foundation has attempted to reconstruct the historical situation at the time of Jeremiah being in Egypt. From the sources available it is stated that Scota, Tea, and Tephi were three different characters. Many of the proposals in this “suggestion” are assumptions, and we have shown that we neither intend, nor see ourselves as able to either prove or disprove these assumptions. In other words, the scarce information contained in the records of Irish history CANNOT BE USED TO PROVE THE NATIONAL ISRAEL/JUDAH MESSAGE. However, to stress the shortcomings of particular theories in this area DOES NOT DIMINISH THE TRUTH OF THIS MESSAGE AS A WHOLE EITHER, SINCE IT IS BASED ON WIDESPREAD DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE OF BOTH SCRIPTURAL AND HISTORICAL NATURE.

We would like to make the reader aware of following:

  1. There is ample SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE that the throne of David was to be continued in IRELAND / SCOTLAND / ENGLAND and that Jeremiah was the man to carry out this task
  2. There is ample "CIRCUMSTANTIAL" (HISTORICAL & CULTURAL) EVIDENCE for Ireland/Scotland and later England being the recipient of the throne of David
  3. Authors who have published the previously listed arguments against the “BI” theories concerning Tea, Scota and Ollam Fodhla, have in the same breath FULLY SUPPORTED THE TRUTH OF A CONTINUATION OF DAVIDIC RULE IN THE ROYAL HOUSES OF THE BRITISH ISLES - thereby suggesting a different mode of continuation.

Here are the details:

1. Scriptural Evidence for the Planting of David's Throne in Ireland

2. Corroborating Evidence of Historical and Cultural Nature

3. Evidence for National Israel/Judah Given by Those Questioning the Royal Daughters’ Move to Ireland


1. Scriptural Evidence for the Planting of David's Throne in Ireland

In introduction, let us note that Jesus used to speak in riddles and parables, and MANY TOOK OFFENSE IN HIM instead of humbly asking God to show them their meaning and true significance. Remember JOHN 6:60-66: “Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it? ... From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” Yes, we have to be VERY careful as to what we believe and whom we follow, but we ALSO have to be VERY careful NOT TO RESIST GOD IN REJECTING TRUTHS THAT DO NOT FIT INTO OUR PERSONAL PHILOSOPHIES.

What is the scriptural basis suggesting Jeremiah has moved to the British Isles to reinstate the Davidic throne? First, as we have already mentioned in other parts of our answer, David had been given an UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE that there should ALWAYS BE AN HEIR TO THIS THRONE (see e.g. JEREMIAH 33:17). Obviously the line of Zedekiah had been rejected by God and had to be carried on in another way if God’s promise was to hold true. We read that Zedekiah fell in disgrace but that the punishment for his disobedience should land ONLY ON HIMSELF (EZEKIEL 17:19), leaving the way open for the royal daughters, the “tender twig” of EZEKIEL 17:22, to carry on the royal line (more about this was explained in article 3 "Good & Bad Figs"). Indeed we find that the king’s daughters escaped together with Jeremiah to Egypt, after which we are left in the dark about their whereabouts as far as the Scriptures are concerned.

Then we have Jeremiah’s commission to build and to plant (see JEREMIAH 1:10). This mission had not yet been fulfilled during the time following the demise of Zedekiah and the escape of a remnant to Egypt. It was obviously still to come, and God’s Word gives us some VALUABLE CLUES AS TO WHERE THIS MAY HAVE BEEN. One of these clues is that it must have been in a distant country, “A LAND WHICH THOU KNOWEST NOT” (JEREMIAH 15:14), which Israel’s long-time neighbour Egypt certainly does not qualify for. We also know from Scripture that Jeremiah must have gone to a location where the ten tribes of the former kingdom of Israel are represented: “In THE MOUNTAIN OF THE HEIGHT OF ISRAEL WILL I PLANT IT” (EZEKIEL 17:23).

Another prophecy about the throne was yet to be fulfilled: “And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: This shall not be the same: EXALT HIM THAT IS LOW, and ABASE HIM THAT IS HIGH. I will OVERTURN, OVERTURN, OVERTURN: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is: and I will give it him” (EZEKIEL 21:25-27). This was the OVERTURN OF THE THRONE from PALESTINE TO IRELAND, from IRELAND TO SCOTLAND and from SCOTLAND TO ENGLAND (in brief answer to another of the questions that commonly arises: this scripture describes the move of the throne, not of the Stone of Destiny. The stone has been moved to Edinburgh, Scotland; the throne, however, has remained in London of course). Reading this in combination with EZEKIEL 17:24, “And all the trees of the field shall know that I the LORD have brought down the high tree (Judah), have exalted the low tree (Israel), have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish: I the LORD have spoken and have done it.” We understand that the crown had to be taken from Zedekiah (the wicked prince) and that another way of continuing the throne had to be found, "THIS SHALL NOT BE THE SAME" (EZEKIEL 21:26). The low (Israel was never allowed Kingship by God, see HOSEA 8:4) will be brought high, and receive the kingship back together with Judah in one country. We should remember the “breach” at this point, which occurred between Judah's sons Pharez and Zarah (see GENESIS 38:28-29). Zedekiah stands for the House of Judah, the Pharez line, whereas Israel represents the Zarah line.

EZEKIEL 37:22 is scriptural proof that a) THE KINGDOM SHOULD ENDURE and b) THAT THIS BREACH SHOULD BE MENDED at one point in time: “And I will make them ONE NATION IN THE LAND UPON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL; AND ONE KING SHALL BE KING TO THEM ALL: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.” This again can only have happened AFTER Zedekiah, as until then we still had the two houses of Judah and Israel. And remember, Jeremiah was to conclude his commission to plant IN ISRAEL (EZEKIEL 17:23).

The throne had to be moved (overturned) three times and then no more until the return of Christ. Interestingly, this “moving” was to occur IN ONE AND THE SAME COUNTRY, for God promised Israel in 2.SAMUEL 7:10 and 1.CHRONICLES 17:9: “Moreover, I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them that they may DWELL IN A PLACE OF THEIR OWN AND MOVE NO MORE.” This is important: Once this “place of their own” was reached, and the throne of David planted there, they were NOT TO MOVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES ANY MORE. So THE LOCATION OF THIS PEOPLE TODAY IS THE SAME PLACE WHERE JEREMIAH PLANTED DAVID’S THRONE MORE THAN 2,500 YEARS AGO! Therefore prophecies pertaining to this day, or to the location of this people just prior to Christ’s return, will tell us the location of Jeremiah’s planting.

And again, God’s Word DIRECTS US WHERE TO LOOK FOR IT, giving us clues as to where the throne was to be planted and where Israel was to dwell:
“I will set his hand [sceptre] IN THE SEA.” (PSALM 89:25)
“Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it IN THE ISLES AFAR OFF, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock." (JEREMIAH 31:10)
“Behold these shall come from far: and lo, these FROM THE NORTH AND FROM THE WEST [or, from the North-West]; and these from the land of Sinim.” (ISAIAH 49:12)

In Summary:

  • Jeremiah still had to fulfil his mission to build and to plant;
  • The royal line had to be planted in a distant land, where Judah and Israel would be reunited under one throne;
  • The tribes of Israel, where Jeremiah was to go, were to live North-West of Jerusalem, in the isles afar off, in the sea;
  • He had with him, in the company that escaped from Palestine, the King’s daughters, being the last personalities identified by the Bible to carry on God’s promise to David.

It becomes a simple matter to put the facts together...

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2. Corroborating Evidence of Historical and Cultural Nature

A number of NATIONAL MARKS link Ireland to Judah/David and thus make it likely that the throne was planted there:

  • The flag of ULSTER shows the red hand (symbol of the Judah/Zarah line, GENESIS 38:27-30), the star of David (symbol of the Judah/Pharez/David line) and the single crown (symbolising how both lines joined)
  • The “HARP OF DAVID” has often been used as the national emblem of Ireland
  • Judah’s son Shelah (GENESIS 38:5) is said to have been the progenitor of fine linen workers in Ireland
  • Mahol, son of Judah’s son Zarah, became ancestor of the Milesians who ruled in Ireland
  • Judah’s brother Dan was progenitor of the “Tuatha de Danaan”, the “tribe of Dan”, people who settled in Southern Ireland
  • “Lia Fail”, the Stone of Destiny, was brought from Ireland and then followed the throne to Scotland and then Britain. (NB: We are aware of the various discussions going on concerning this Stone, and are fully prepared to present information about the “Stone of Destiny” to those interested... Also note that it is impossible for the stone to be ‘native to Scotland’ as many have suggested, as we know for a fact that it was brought across to Scotland from Ireland... and of course before then, from Palestine.)

Plus there are many more marks to be found within Scotland and England linking the Isles of the North to Israel, showing that the British Isles WERE THE PLACE TO MOVE THE THRONE TO.

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3. Evidence for National Israel/Judah Given by Those Questioning the Royal Daughters’ Move to Ireland

The conflicting nature of some of the historical data has led some to assert that Jeremiah has NEVER come near Ireland. However, these same authors have SUPPORTED the knowledge of David’s offspring continuing to rule in the British Isles.

John D. Keyser, author of the article “Jeremiah in Ireland - Fact or Fiction”, concluded another article available on the Internet.
“The IRISH and SCOTTISH KINGS, FERGUS and EDWARD I. HIMSELF were ALL DESCENDANTS OF JUDAH THROUGH THE LINE OF ZARAH (see Figure 3). In fact history records that Edward I used to boast of his DESCENT FROM THE TROJANS who were descended from DARDA the brother of CALCOL—who was the grandson of Judah! This was the joining of two lines of Judah—a topic to be covered in another article! This incredible story of the Lia fail, while as intriguing and fascinating as a thriller or adventure novel, serves to show the HAND OF THE ETERNAL GOD in the affairs of nation after nation that received the Pillar-Stone of Jacob upon its soil. In every land the stone passed through, THE ROYAL RACE OF JUDAH ruled over the peoples of Israel as they made their way to the “appointed place” in the West—the isles of Britain!” (

Michael S. Sanders, who argues exactly along the same lines as the opposing arguments in Articles 5-7 (using the same article "Afterward to BI"), concludes his article by stating:
“Let me make it perfectly clear that although the royal house of Britain is NOT directly descended from King David of Israel through the MALE LINE, it is, in all likelihood, descended from King David through a wife or female descendant of this king who married into the line of Brutus. If this was the case, Queen Elizabeth is descended from Judah through BOTH the lines of Zarah and Pharez. The line of Zarah was BROUGHT TO IRELAND by Heremon the grandson of Calcol; and the line of Pharez came to BRITAIN when Joseph of Arimathea founded the Church of God at Glastonbury. Read our article “The Stone That Roared: The Incredible Story of Lia Fail” for further details of the line of Zarah arriving in Ireland.” (

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In Conclusion:

The various theories about Jeremiah and the royal daughters are subject to intensive discussion. We have to carefully evaluate new evidence, as it presents itself to the public. This entire debate, however, does not diminish the incredible proof regarding the prophecies and their historical fulfilment of the wandering of the Israelite tribes to the North West, into the British Isles, Scandinavia and further.

Again, the choice is with the reader. The confusion about the identity of Tea, Tephi, and Scota is, even in the view of the British Israel World Federation, an admitted problem, BUT does this cancel out the abundance of scriptures in God’s Word showing us the “marks of Israel”, the abundance of historical clues helping us to identify the “lost tribes”, the abundance of linguistic, cultural and spiritual proof of who Israel is today?

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