Pastor Alan Campbell teaching on Revival

Pastor Alan Campbell from Ireland was invited to preach during our Annual General Meeting in Canada in 2005. In this clip, he underlines the need for true revival – beyond crusades, campaigns and crowds; a genuine turning to God and infilling with the Holy Ghost.

No Revival Without the Spirit of Prayer

Do you want a revival? Then this sermon by Charles Finney, who was used by God in the great revivals of the 1800's, is an absolute MUST!

The Cost of Revival

This article explains how the cost of revival is prayer and humility.

Revival on the Hebrides

This article explains the events that led to a revival on the Isle of Lewis, showing how God works in His people.

Vision of Doom

General William Booth - "During one of my recent journeys, I was led to consider the spiritual condition of the multitudes around me, people living regardless of their eternal welfare, and in the most open and shameless rebellion against God... While pondering this, I had a vision..."

Wigglesworth Down Under

Smith Wigglesworth emphasised the need to be filled with the Spirit as in ACTS 2:4 and believed that the Gifts of the Spirit should be in operation in the Church today. He blamed the present day failure of the Church on not following what is clearly taught in the Bible about the Holy Spirit.

Revival in Ethiopia

Lessons for Christians seeking revival, from a revival that took place in the midst of the Communist Revolution in Ethiopia.

Mighty Move of the Spirit Seizes Zambia

“Even on the first evening of the mass evangelisation in Zambia the ground shook under the feet of the Africans. God's power was so mighty that native spectators reported: ‘We have never had such a movement of the Holy Spirit within our country before.'” ...

Revival in Lewis - 1949

Personal testimony from Mr. Hugh Black about the Revival in Lewis. Mr. Black was present at the revival and mightily used by God in preaching and working miracles.

Emblem of the Love of God

“It was a wonderful moment, as the first mast stretched itself high into the sky…” Read more here from Reinhard Bonnke about the building of a tent for evangelisation in Zambia.