The Old Paths - Christian History, Modern Distortions and Political Correctness

Nowadays, with the change of attitudes and customs following the decline of biblical influence on the formerly Christian nations of the West, some may find the ideas that follow somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, history bears witness to the radically different approach of our Christian forefathers.

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The Distortion of History
Character Assassination
The British Empire
Political Incorrectness
History Repeats Itself – A Coming Judgment
These Were Christian Nations

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 The Distortion of History

Did you know that until around 1947 the teaching known as “British Israel” was the Church of England’s second most taught topic and theme, and that King George VI firmly believed in it? 1 Very few are aware of such facts. Without a thorough knowledge of the past, your future will be ruined.

In JOHN 18:38, Pontius Pilate asks Jesus: “What is truth?” Jesus says of God’s Word: “Thy Word is Truth” (JOHN 17:17). We are not waxing theological here, but simply want to point out to the reader that The Bible, The Word of God IS TRUTH in all matters. Our beliefs are those from God’s Word.

Every other philosophy is but dung when compared to God’s Holy Word. God commands us to pay such close attention to His Word, because if we do not, and ignore anything He relates to us, we will be punished in an eternal Hell. These CAI assemblies indeed preach the old-time, “Hell, Blood, and Fire” message, for just as the Christian pioneer preachers gained such an appellation from thundering out the news that “all mankind had better bow their knee, will, and ways to The Lord God Almighty of Israel”, we also take the Bible literally and warn of the Judgment to come.

Picture of Winston ChurchillSir Winston Churchill As we enter this "politically correct" 21st century, whereby a ‘stone is now called a sponge’, there is no longer ‘black and white’ or ‘right and wrong’, but only an insipid grey (ISAIAH 5:20). The new generations are being deceived and duped in many matters of life. The newspapers twist events for their readers; the education systems lie to their students; the media is controlling most of our thought processes today because people are not spending time reading and do not take the time to find out what is really happening. Even now, revisionist teaching of the past is taking away the truth which up to now was taught as fact to every child in school. Without attempting to justify every point we bring up here, an example could be made of the case of Sir Winston Churchill. At the mention of his name, you can almost hear the intellects of today hissing their disapproval. However, back in the 1940’s everyone knew that this man, obviously set by God in his position as Prime Minister of the British Empire, was used to spur the Allied countries on to victory against an evil foe. Nowadays, modern-day-philosophies are screaming denigration and condemnation against this heroic figure. The main point is that this man was used mightily to secure a victory which, had today’s pacifists and “appeasers” stood in Churchill’s place, might never have resulted.


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Character Assassination

In a similar fashion, Pauline Hanson is a modern example of politically-inspired character assassination.2 Pauline spoke up, and the world descended on her and labelled her a racist and a thousand other things. The media lied, and lied, and ensured her character was blackened.3 The media are the ‘scribes’ of today, and a careful study of the corruption in the media will show that most are going to suffer an eternal damnation: “… all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone …” (REVELATION 21:8). These days, journalists lose their souls for a dollar, in order to gain a news story that sells.

The society we live in today has deteriorated in these past one hundred years, from a former Christian-based one, to a standard below anything seen before. We Christians are not perfect, neither is our understanding of God’s Word complete, but we would rather be found ‘overcoming our sinful natures’ and gaining knowledge of God’s Light, than being deceived by vain philosophies in this modern-day society, which has not only ignored, but also destroyed our heritage which led us for so long.

Politicians are attempting to change everything, implementing new plans and ideologies based on worldly/ungodly philosophies, and casting aside the ‘former ways’, based mainly on God’s Word, which have been tested, proven and have saved us from the fate we see in other non-Christian countries. However, we are not saying here that democracy is the answer.

Jesus is SOON RETURNING and He will rule as King and Master over a cleansed world.

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The British Empire

Great Britain and its colonies (The Commonwealth of Australia, The Dominion of Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.) civilised the known heathen world, with the help of those Christian societies based in the United States of America who took The Gospel “into the darkness”. Let us not now argue known facts that the U.S.A. was part of Great Britain, of King George III’s madness, or of Paul Revere and all those tea bags floating around in Boston Harbour! What we are to realise is that God rules in the kingdoms of men (DANIEL 4:25), and that the history of Britain - which was to remain ‘blind’ to her identity for two thousand years - was all prophesied in The Bible. Sadly, today, many are taught how ‘bad’ the British Empire was and are anti-authoritarian and despise royalty.

We sincerely hope that the articles in the next section will help to shed light on “Revisionist History”, which has been propagated in this past decade and influenced many souls away from God’s Truth.

Those who returned to Australia, after spending twenty years overseas spreading the gospel, couldn’t believe their ears when they arrived back and heard the phrase “European Invasion” in relation to two subjects previously taught in Australia: “Australian and British History”. The new name, “European Invasion”, is false and a deception, undermining the truth about why Britain was ordained of God to colonise and spread her ways and culture. Without the command of God to “go into all the world and preach His Word” (MARK 16:15) with the accompanying civilisation, the indigenous peoples would still be practicing cannibalism in some areas and living in bark huts (here go the disapproving voices again!). Well did the former Prime Minister Sir John Gorton sum up our past indigenous history and one can read this in the newspapers.4

Of course, there was corruption and evil seen amongst some of the white settlers. There have always been “rotten apples in the barrel” - because there were non-Christians or so-called Christians whose behaviour was evil amidst everything. Nevertheless, the MAJORITY of the so-called “invaders” brought the civilisation which you and I enjoy today. With a clear knowledge of God’s Word, we see that there were “good and bad” kings of Israel. They had the choice as to which way they led Israel, just like our politicians today. Sometimes a king in the Old Testament would ‘rediscover’ God’s Word and implement it with wonderful results. If the leaders are evil, the blame can not be laid on God: Put the blame where it lies and not on the aim, which God placed in the hearts of those who went forth. Study the pure and true history of your country and you will see that your educators have often lied and twisted your past. For example, in Australia, most Aussies don’t know the basis of the beliefs of our early politicians or pioneers and they hear only the ‘secular’ side of events. Here, we refer you to the author, Col Stringer, whose books will shed some light on the true past of the pioneers of Australia. We highly recommend the books: ‘Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage’ and ‘800 Horsemen’.5

In these books, Col Stringer provides more information to continue a deeper study, showing that even our insipid education system no longer teaches you about our past leaders and the reasons for our country’s welfare. Churchill warned the nation that forgets its past, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

There are so many possible subjects: Africa, to take one example. Study the book Bitter Harvest – The Great Betrayal by the former Prime Minister of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Ian Smith, and see the truth which the newspapers in our lands twisted. Compare Ian Smith’s period of office to that of the dictator Mugabe today or Idi Amin, etc. Many of the older generation from India and Africa lament that the British no longer rule there.

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Political Incorrectness

Australia, to which we have mainly been referring, has so changed from the 1960’s onwards under the influence of ‘political correctness’, which is really an ungodly deception for “change traditional values and beliefs at the behest of fringe minority groups who want to do away with the former tried ways.” Of course, some points of modern thinking have their merit: not allowing child abuse, spousal abuse, or the sexual endangerment of our children, and other very scripturally based ideas. However, those permitting other ‘modern teachings’ to compromise God’s Commandments and His Ways, upon which our nation has been built, are going to be punished on Judgment Day. It will be a time of horror for those foolish politicians, judges, and bureaucrats who have changed the laws of God to suit the godless morals of these days: withdrawing the God-given rights of parents to lead their children and families, and removing the punishment, according to God’s Word, of the death penalty for murderers who are proven guilty (with absolute certainty) - to give just two examples. Woe to those who perjure themselves and lie… Their Judge, God Almighty of Israel, is not going to acquit them. Most live today as if there is no tomorrow!

God clearly states that fools will deny Him: JOB 12:17 and PSALM 14:1. Yet we recently saw the former Chancellor of Germany (G. Schroeder) state openly that the German Parliament (Bundestag) would no longer recognise God in prayer; and we have seen how the French-Québécois-influenced Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, vowed to remove everything ‘British’ from what was formerly known as ‘The Dominion of Canada’. Study the changes in Canadian law today and see how the politicians are destroying the biblical fabric upon which this land was founded. This has led to laws which forbid the use of the Bible when preaching about homosexuality, etc.

This corruption is on our own doorstep as we see that the State of Victoria has limited “freedom of speech”.6 At one time in Australia, you could speak your mind about anything… Now, with the inflow of “multiculturalism”, the politicians have had to change the laws so as not to ‘offend’ the other religions, but are in actual fact limiting our speech with anti-Australian ‘political correctness’. Two pastors in Victoria have had to spend over $100,000 dollars on a case which some Muslims brought against them for daring to speak their thoughts against this religion in various seminars… this is a travesty against the liberties which God has granted this former Christian nation.

Our Aussie mates from 50 years ago would turn in their graves if they knew what the politicians were doing to our land. Many Australians are now slowly waking up to the fact that our freedoms are being restricted more and more. Because we have taken on laws that once strangled European nations, we are raising a confused and displeased nation. When the history of how the Communists and Nazis forbade freedom of thought is no longer taught, and modern politicians play with our former-won freedoms, we are in danger.

In Europe, there is a law for everything, and they are enforcing their system on to Britain through the European Union. In Britain, what is not forbidden by law is permitted; in Europe the reverse is true and one may only do what is specifically permitted by the law. So the European style is to legislate at great length for every situation, rather than let the common law and common sense prevail. For example, the EU directive on the export of duck eggs alone runs to some 26,000 words. The Ten Commandments - which once did the job of ruling whole nations - contains around 300 words. Britain is soon to adopt the European legal system and remove “trial by jury”, thus the onus will be on you to prove your innocence before the judge, rather than being presumed innocent.7 For example, if living in Germany you had better get up at the crack of dawn and throw salt on the ice in front of your house, for if someone slips and falls you will be faced with huge fines. New French legislation stipulates the imprisonment of religious "proselytisers" for "mental manipulation" of the public. Power is given to the state to dissolve religious groups and impose preposterous fines and sentences of up to 5 years (i.e. you can be imprisoned for spreading God’s Word). In Australia they are bringing in similar types of laws as well, which all lead to the greed and covetousness we see born through the courts of litigation, especially spawned and spread from California. They exist where greed is paramount…

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History Repeats Itself – A Coming Judgment

“Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, and shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood. Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions. Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance” (PSALM 106:37-40).

God says, “Thou shalt not kill” (EXODUS 20:13), yet the complete lack of Christian values in this present-day, promiscuous society, has led to the murder of countless millions of souls through abortion. In Britain, since the 1967 ‘Abortion law’ passed through Parliament, on the bogus pretext that it was occasionally needed to save the mother’s life, more than six million babies have been deliberately destroyed. According to the UN, more than 50 million abortions are carried out world-wide every year. This means that approximately 137,000 children are aborted daily, which is 95 babies every minute...

Human life starts at conception and from that point onwards an unmistakably new human being exists with precisely determined, unchangeable qualities (JEREMIAH 1:5). God knows us even before we are born (ISAIAH 49:1) and declares the new life developing in the womb to be a human being from the very start (PSALM 139:14-16). God has a plan for everybody’s life; He has given every person talents and abilities and if abortion had been applied in past centuries as it is today, then even Beethoven may well have never been born. Nowadays, the vast majority of children are aborted for reasons of selfishness, evil desires, and satisfaction of one's own lusts, etc. (2 TIMOTHY 3:1-4). God will not tolerate these things much longer! (EZEKIEL 36:18).

“Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein …” (ISAIAH 42:5).

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (PSALM 90:12).

“Where there is no vision, the people perish …” (PROVERBS 29:18, see also HOSEA 4:6). This is what is happening in our modern-day societies as we turn away from God’s Principles. The murders in the high schools, the rise in crime and even the unseasonable weather will continue to get worse. There is a God, and because we are disobeying His commands, we will suffer more and more dearly. Great Britain and the modern Commonwealth, the U.S.A., and such nations which are clearly defined in God’s Word as having been formed to be a “witness” and example for Him, will suffer terribly as Gomer (Germany) and Rosh/Magog (Russia), along with the Kings of the East (China) attack (See REVELATION 9:16 where it mentions an army of two hundred million!), for God signifies and describes HIS-story for us to be aware of.

Sculpture of head of TitusTitus, Roman General
Look at LUKE 21:20-24, for here we see a prophetic warning made by Jesus Himself to the Christians in Jerusalem. Just 35 years later, the Roman General, Cestius Gallus, led his army from Syria into Judea, destroying widely and laying siege to Jerusalem. With the city ready for his taking, Cestius suddenly recalled his soldiers and retired from the city without any reason in the world, as described by the historians of the time (see Flavius Josephus, 'The Wars of the Jews' II.19.6). As the Roman armies withdrew, all the Christians heeded Jesus’ warning and fled to the hills, escaping with their lives just before Jerusalem was surrounded. Just a short time later, in 70 A.D., the city was besieged by Titus and the entire city and temple were destroyed.

Look at the Scripture in DANIEL 12:12 which gives one of the last dates in the Bible and with proof you will see that this Arabian date of 1335 refers to our calendar year, 1917. The reader would do well to study further about this because YOU are most likely going to see Jesus return physically to this earth soon. ARE YOU READY?

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The modernists have permitted an ungodly teaching to invade the former British Empire: “multiculturalism”. This is forbidden by God. God made the earth and set us in our lands. DANIEL 12:4 states that in these very days there would be great movement ‘to and fro’ within the nations, and this does not just describe the tourists. Pauline Hanson was attacked because she spoke the truth in her maiden speech to Parliament. Many Asians commented about their bewilderment as to why this lady was so maligned, because they fully agreed with her that the reason they migrated to Australia was to ‘escape’ the system they were under and to get away from their own backgrounds. We have all known the British legal system of Parliament and democracy, but this is now being destroyed from within. What fools our politicians have been to permit foreigners to import their different cultures, whereby in the countries they came from, we descendants from Christian nations are forbidden to even buy land, hold permanent employment, marry, etc., or above all, show forth our Christian religion.

We pray to wake up our blind people and realise that our heritage is being attacked. We have been so deceived that we even fear the word “racist”… Think back to the former meaning of the word “gay” - have you seen those old black and white movies or danced the ‘Gay Gordon’? It seems so foolish to allow the minorities to destroy our beautiful English language… how it grieves God, who gave His Only Son to lead us into paths of righteousness. We are not against the sinner, for we are not permitted to judge individually, but we are commanded to judge according to what God states: Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment” (JOHN 7:24). We have all heard: “hate the sin, but love the sinner" (LEVITICUS 19:17) – this is so true; but sadly, the sinners are beginning to change everything, to hate the righteous, and destroy values which God has commanded upon His Creation (GALATIANS 4:16; ISAIAH 5:20, 24).

Just study DANIEL 4:17 – Here we see that GOD rules this earth in every political sphere and that He will have the final say. Right now, as God wants to see us obey Him willingly, He gives us a free will to choose between good and evil. Christians are ‘lights’ in this darkened world. Many remember the Sunday school teaching that “Ye are the salt of the earth …” (MATTHEW 5:13). Today, this means nothing to most youth, who are blinded because educators have no longer taught them about their Creator, as our forefathers were taught. Of course, there are still Christians around; though many of them have not heeded God’s warnings that if they lose the anointing they are meant to have, they will be useless in God’s Work and are only fit to be thrown onto the footpaths.

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These Were Christian Nations

Consider again modern-day Canada: formerly very British and known as ‘The Dominion of Canada’, because of the founding fathers and the hard-working pioneers who named the land after a scripture in the Book of Psalms (PSALM 72:8). We descendants of the British Empire and the United States of America happened to be very biblically-based and so were in the habit of giving God the glory. Now, they are trying to get rid of prayer out of our Australian Parliament. Our councils and government, which always referred to ‘Almighty God’, are falling over themselves to remove vestiges of Christianity that they no longer understand. There is ONLY ONE GOD and His Son is named Jesus. Through the ignorance and denial of God’s Laws, we have allowed ‘the foreigner’ (DEUTERONOMY 28:43-44; DEUTERONOMY 31:12) to come into these God-given lands and change our heritage. Every judge, politician, and government officer who has been deceived because he has ignored the teaching from our past, will suffer for putting his pen to paper and causing the present decadence that is spreading in every facet of our society.

This leads on to our Study on the Christian Influence of the English Speaking Peoples, where you will find material defending these perhaps controversial comments. Modern-day ‘National Israel’ (which refers to those who have come from the British Empire, the United States of America, and most Scandinavian-Germanic lands, with their descendants, who went to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, etc.), have become blind and are suffering the same sort of apathy that Churchill contended with between 1933 and 1939 when he tried to awaken us all to the danger of Germany (ISAIAH 42:19). Many other nations have enjoyed a Christian influence that is forgotten today. See The Christian History of Nations to read up on how Christianity has affected the history of the countries where our assemblies are currently located. It is up to YOU individually. There is no excuse for ignorance - see God’s warning: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children" (HOSEA 4:6).

“Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near …” (ISAIAH 55:6).

King Alfred the GreatKing Alfred the Great Queen Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth I Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria King George VIKing George VI

Christian Monarchs of Britain

Next section: The Christian Influence of the English Speaking Peoples

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