The Kings of the East

A Judgment on Europe

It was not until the drying up of the Turkish power in 1917 and the declaration of a republic in that country on 29th October, 1923, that the three unclean spirits of Revelation 16 could become active to gather "the kings of the earth and of the whole world" for the ultimate conflagration - "the battle of That Great Day of God Almighty." At this 50th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, we are witness to the resurgent force of Islam in Western Europe, while the Communist Empire in Eastern Europe appears to be loosening its grip on the countries it engulfed half a century ago. Where are these events leading and where do we stand in the prophetic time-table of events?

The year 1844, forcibly marked by the fact that it was the 1260th year on the Mohammadan (lunar) calendar, in effect marked the onset of the Sixth Vial in the Age-end climax and brings home to us the strength of the prophetic parallel of events which have taken shape in the Euphratean valley. From this year, when Great Britain compelled Turkey to grant religious rights to minorities, until the beginning of the 20th century, the waters of a symbolic Euphrates continued to recede and dry up that "the way of the kings of the east might be prepared" (REVELATION 16:12).

The word "kings" refers to leaders or chief ones who by name referred to in other prophecies of the Bible, are unmistakably identified with the Russian confederacy which extends east over two million square miles of Mongol-peopled territory.

Significantly, it was in the year 1923 that the Fascist council became supreme over the Italian Parliament; the famous demonstration at Munich of Hitler surrounded by his storm troopers took place; and also the rise of Stalin to become supreme in Russia. Thus, one form of expression of the evil forces that were to arise began to be active in the very year which saw the end of the Turkish Empire.

In respect of the quotation "the kings of the earth and of the whole world", it is important for us to realise that the original text omits the word "world", for in the Greek it is not 'kosmos' that is used but 'oikoumene', meaning the inhabited or civilised world, i.e. the Roman "earth", as distinct from the 'kosmos' or the world as created. Hence, the judgments in Revelation 16 are strategically to be centred around and springing from the Gentile succession of empires in the Eurasian sphere. This is the geographical area, therefore, which by definition, is to be the hub of final fulfilment involving the great collapse of 'Mystical Babylon the Great.'

If we are to identify the three unclean spirits as forces at work in the 20th century, we must take note of the fact that they spring forth from the mouths of the historic symbols which were manifest in the Roman "earth" of Revelation. This means that each spirit must have its root origins in the systems of the old world which were identified by the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet (REVELATION 16:13).

The Spirit from the Dragon

The Dragon has always typified paganism and as the Red Dragon of Imperial Rome, its last manifestation as a Great Pagan World Empire; a system permeated with the spirit of evil and materialism. The politico-military expression of this spirit, that of Fascism and Nazism, was destroyed by the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II, but since 1957, there has come forth a new resurgence of total governmental control in Europe in the more subtle form of the EEC. The same pagan spirit is however the inspiration behind all the talk of economic co-operation. Greed and covetousness is the spirit of the Dragon and the outstanding expression of the pagan spirit today is evidenced in the world-wide materialistic love for gold and the competitive system of Mammon for control of the servant people and their God-given wealth and power. The attempt to create a federal United States of Europe and a common currency is but a preliminary to World Government and a satanic dictatorship.

The Spirit from the Beast

The Beast is emblematic of false ecclesiasticism, which under the fourth world empire of Papal Rome had power to "wear out the saints of the most high" (DANIEL 7:25), for a period of 1260 years. The spirit of falsehood that came from the Beast is manifested in the widespread infidelity, scepticism, and the various heresies of ancient origin, which most tragically are being embraced at the highest level in the Established Church of England, all in the name of religious toleration and multi-culturalism.

In the political sphere, the spirit from the Beast was manifested during World War II by the rise of Hitlerism through the deification of the leader. The occult emblem of the swastika of the Nazi Party was used as a magic sign or charm in ancient Egypt, Tibet and other oriental Countries. The spirit from the Beast is a politico-religious force and it has always been the controlling power of the papacy. During 1988, there took place significant moves in which Pope John Paul II put forth his vision of a united Europe - East and West. He made speeches in Austria and in Strasbourg to the European Parliament, which launched the concept of a politico-religious grouping of nations which would of course be predominantly Roman Catholic - in effect, a new kind of Holy Roman Empire!

The Spirit from the False Prophet

The False Prophet of the ancient world is most certainly identified as Mohammed, whose followers exercised a spirit of fanaticism in the pursuit of a belief to the extent that they would destroy those who would not conform with their doctrine. This great movement and ideology was evidenced by the rise of the Saracens and later the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Since 1917 this fanatical spirit has been evidenced in International Communism, which was born in Europe.

We are now seeing a further rise or manifestation of the spirit from the mouth of the False Prophet, militant Islam, on a scale which 50 years ago could not have been predicted. Islam is on the march in Western Europe where some 8 million Muslims have been able to establish themselves with their alien culture. There is also a state of great unrest among Soviet Muslims in the Caucasus, the Volga Basin and Central Asia, as well as the Kazakhstan regions. Russia's conquest of Muslim lands began in 1552 under Ivan the Terrible. Many Soviet Muslims believe that the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan last February, marked an end to that historical expansion. Some even believe that the way is now open for the Muslim regions to regain control of their own destiny, which would mean the break-up of the U.S.S.R.

What is the truth of Moscow's strategy as far as Islam is concerned? In reality, the spirit that has come forth from the mouth of the False Prophet, also controls Communism, for the account of the terrible tortures and fearful suffering inflicted upon its victims (some 160 million) confirms the origin of evil as the demonic spirit that drove the followers of Mohammed in bygone centuries. There is a satanically inspired unity between militant Islam and Communism which will come fully into the open in due course. Iran's new political strongman, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, has recently visited President Gorbachov in Moscow to conclude an important agreement.

The Seventh Vial

The effects since 1917 of the workings of the unclean spirits had been to summon the destroyers from the east of the European "Babylon", so placing before this seat of abominations "the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His (God's) wrath". World War II witnessed a great judgment upon the territory of the Roman See and on papal Europe in general, as "great Babylon came in remembrance before God" for all the millions of saints that it killed (REVELATION 16:19). There is yet a final destructive phase to come, involving a struggle with great spiritual darkness. 

  Kings of East invading Europe (Israel)

It is recorded that "the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air". While aerial warfare during World War II rained death and destruction upon the European scene as at no other time in history, we have to consider that the final assault of "the kings of the east" has yet to come to accomplish the destruction set forth by the mighty angel who declared, "Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all" (REVELATION 18:21). There is, however, another important aspect of this last vial for we read that Satan is the "prince of the power of the air" (EPHESIANS 2:2). This shows us that not only is there active encouragement by satanic forces in the military sphere, but the very power and presence of evil will in the end of the Age be present among us.

This can now be fully identified by the manifestation of the spirit from the mouth of the False Prophet and the spread of the eastern religions among societies in the West. The sight of thousands of Muslims pouring through the cities of Britain shouting "kill, kill", should be enough to convince even the most agnostic person that something very serious indeed is rising in our midst.

Even with 8 million Muslims living in Western Europe, it is only now beginning to dawn on EEC governments that large Islamic populations are not compatible with the old Christian societies. The question of Austria's entry into the EEC is being discussed in the light of the danger that the east as a whole might want to enter as well, in particular, Turkey, which it seems all EEC nations are determined to keep out for ever.

The Next Decade

The date, 10th October A.D. 732, is defined as the limit of Islamic military power when the Saracens were halted in France at the battle of Tours. It is interesting to note that 1992 - the year of the 'Single European Market' - will be 1260 solar years from the battle of Tours; 1260 being the number of tribulation and the duration of temporal power for the papacy. Also, 1992 will be 144 years - the governmental factor - from 1848, the year of the publishing of the Communist Manifesto in Brussels and when revolutions began. The same city of Brussels is to give birth to the Single European Market in 1992, in preparation for the growing Socialist/Roman Catholic federal United States of Europe, which Britain is resisting under the Prime Minister, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher.

Events are moving at an enormous pace in the world of Communism and Islam - which are confederate as "the kings of the east". The period from 1992 to 2000 is obviously going to be crucial in the affairs of Western Europe, related to the east and the forces released by the spirit from the mouth of the False Prophet.

In terms of Europe and Central Asia, we have a picture of the papacy supporting the emerging and increasing federalisation of the European nations. The papacy will attempt, as John Paul II revealed at Strasbourg on 11th October, 1988, to ride upon this growing federalisation and encourage a merging with the eastern part of Europe. It will even give welcome to Gorbachov's "common European home" as a path to reunion with Orthodox Christianity - of greater priority for the present Pope than that with Protestantism. It will even mount up and ride upon the "scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy..." (REVELATION 17:3).

Yet we are informed it will, in "one day", come to "death, and mourning and famine and be utterly burnt with fire". That "day" may well be that given in REVELATION 18, which chapter also gives "one hour" for judgment to come.

by Michael A. Clark

Source: 'Wake Up!' Magazine, September/October 1989