Israel, Judah and the Jews

'THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL' is not synonymous with the 'House of Judah'. The House of Judah and some of the Jews are of Israel, that is, descended from Jacob. The distinction we wish to emphasise is that while some Jews are Israelites, all Israelites are not necessarily Jews. In a similar way, all Scots are British, but all the British are not Scots. When the general blessings were apportioned at Jacob's death, the Messiah was promised, with the sovereignty, to Judah; but the 'multitude of nations' and the temporal grandeur of the birthright were given to Joseph.

The House of Israel was to obtain these in the latter days, or the Christian era. Ten-tribed Israel was to be divorced from the Mosaic law and its identity temporarily lost to history, but known to God; it was to be recovenanted in Christ to enjoy the Israel birthright in the Isles of the Sea, to be His nation of evangelists in the world, and the inheritor of the Kingdom of God. The prophets display meticulous care in their address to the 'House of Israel', the 'House of Judah' and 'the inhabitants of Jerusalem' (the Jews). To apply to one 'House' a prophecy which refers to the other is clearly to misapply the message and confuse the issue. A careful regard of this distinction is prerequisite to the correct understanding of the prophetic Scriptures.





Israel to have a change of name (ISAIAH 65:15).   The Jews to be known by a change in physiognomy (ISAIAH 3:9).
Israel to be called by a new name (ISAIAH 62:2).   The Jews have retained their old name unchanged.
Israel to be called after Isaac (GENESIS 21:12).   The Jews' name to be a curse to them (ISAIAH 65:15).
Israel to be blind to their identity (ROMANS 11:25; ISAIAH 42:16-19).   The Jews still claim to be the chosen people.
Israel to be a multitudinous people (GENESIS 13:16; GENESIS 15:5).   The Jews to be bereft of children (JEREMIAH 15:7).
Israel to become known as the righteous Nation that keepeth truth (ISAIAH 60:21; ISAIAH 26:2).   The Jews to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse (JEREMIAH 24:9).
Israel to become a Nation and a Company of Nations (GENESIS 35:11).
  The Jews to be scattered in all the 'kingdoms of the earth for their hurt' (JEREMIAH 24:9)
Israel to make a new home in the Appointed Place - the Isles of the Sea (2 SAMUEL 7:10; ISAIAH 24:15; ISAIAH 49:1; JEREMIAH 31:10).   The Jews have been strangers in all lands (JEREMIAH 15:4).
Israel to be a Nation for ever (JEREMIAH 31:35-36).   The Jewish Nation was broken in A.D. 70 (DANIEL 9:24-27; JEREMIAH 19:11).
Israel to have a perpetual monarchy (JEREMIAH 33:17).   The Jews have no king.
Israel to come under a new covenant (JEREMIAH 31:31-34).   The Jews have remained under the old law.

Source: 'Voice of Revival'