Facts About Food

  • Everywhere around the world we hear of people who have started storing food for the coming food crisis. Few know why, they seem to have heard an unspoken cry that it is time to 'head for the ark'.
  • A number of people working in the food industry have known for several years that such a crisis was coming (written in 1982). World food supplies are shrinking at an alarming rate. Grain harvests have been falling steadily in the US and Russia, while about 400 insect species have developed partial or total immunity to pesticides. In the last thirty years, harmful insect populations have doubled, whilst pesticide spraying has increased twelvefold. This is one of the manifestations of God's wrath: DEUTERONOMY 28:38-39
  • In the richest nations millions are dying of malnutrition. Degenerative diseases (cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc.) are epidemic - AND are directly linked to our consumption of devitalised, additive laden food. Most of our food is no longer true food; it is 'UNFOOD'.
  • One of God's real miracles is whole grain. Unfortunately, the process of making white flour eliminates the bran and germ from the wheat kernel, along with most of the vitamins and minerals. After the bran and germ have been milled away, the powdered flour is bleached with chlorine dioxide gas which destroys 70% of the remaining vitamin E and alters the amino acid methionine to the point that it may become a toxin. Without the oil of the germ, which could become rancid, white flour can be stored for long periods. Bugs and rodents are not interested in it because they instinctively crave only that what is nutritious - they won't touch the stuff!
  • Our bodies also need unrefined whole oils which should be extracted by pressing. Oils which are transparent in appearance have gone through a bleaching, deodorising, winterising and clarifying process which involves washing in a highly caustic solution and heating to 230-250°Celsius.
  • Milk: most pasteurised, homogenised milk is heated to 75°C for at least 15 seconds, during which 50% of the vitamin C is destroyed, and 90% of the enzymes are killed. The process alters amino acids lysine and tyrosine - making them no longer useful for the body. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, panthothenic acid, inositol, folic acid and biotin are destroyed. Most of the calcium is oxidised and bound in a form that cannot be used in the body. ALL OF THE HEALTHY INGREDIENTS ABOVE CAN BE OBTAINED IN FRESH CERTIFIED RAW MILK, YOGHURT, KEFIR OR ACIDOPHILUS MILK.
  • Simply: the four big killers in the modern diet are: 1) too much fat, especially hydrogenated and 'partially hydrogenated' oils; 2) too much refined sugar; 3) too much refined flour; 4) too much salt.

"Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good ..." (ISAIAH 55:2)

God's Food - God's Way                             

Basic food for good nutrition:

Use for:

WHEAT (hard red winter) bread
RYE bread
YELLOW CORN (high vitamin A) bread
BROWN RICE, LONG, MEDIUM GRAIN soups, casseroles
BROWN RICE - SHORT GRAIN and baby food
TRITICALE (higher protein than wheat) mix with wheat for bread
WHEAT (soft) pastry, fine cakes
BUCKWHEAT (high in vitamin B) roasted, unroasted
MILLET (hulled) very nutritious, low gluten soups, cereals
BARLEY (pearled = hulls removed) soups, casseroles
SOY BEANS (cooked or sprouted) soup, salads
MUNG BEANS (cooked or sprouted) soup, salads
PEAS stews, soups, veggie dishes
LIMA BEANS (good protein source) eat with grain dishes
LENTILS (excellent protein source) soups, casseroles
CHICKPEAS (or GARBANZOS) (minerals & vitamins) pate, salads, soups
SESAME SEEDS (rich in protein, calcium, oils) bread, with beans
SUNFLOWER SEEDS snacks, bread, salads
ALFALFA SEEDS (sprout) salads
WATER CRESS (raw or cooked) salads
NUTS (rich in protein) snacks, cakes, etc ...
FLAKES (wheat, rye, triticale, soybean) cereals, soups, casseroles
UNREFINED SEA SALT (solar evaporated) avoid excessive use of salt
PEANUT BUTTER (rich in protein, easily stored) various
DRIED FRUIT (without preservatives) snacks
COMFREY, LEMON GRASS beverages (hot & cold)


Many are available on the Internet. Example: Type key search word(s) like 'TRITICALE - RECIPE' into your search engine, and many sites will give a list of recipes, book recommendations and information. Most of them are simple and only interchange various grains, beans and other ingredients.


The food industry has been revolutionised by the development of freeze-drying. When all water is removed from the food, it is packed in a special nitrogen-filled atmosphere, in heavy-duty sealed cans (enamelled on the inside, and double lacquered on the outside for rust proofing). Freeze-dried foods keep their taste and nutritional value for several years.

If you have less than 100 pounds in weight to store, you can use the freezer treatment. Simply fill your containers, seal them tightly, and leave them in your freezer for a month or more. Common insects are killed within 2-30 days in a freezer that registers from 0 to -40°Celsius.

Small quantities of food can be treated for long term storage with low oven heat. Set temperature of the oven at 80°C. Spread grains in pans to a depth of not more than about 20mm, and heat for thirty minutes. Insects are destroyed in two hours at 50°C or thirty minutes at 80°C. Place heated grain or legumes in clean dry containers and tightly close or seal them.

For large quantities of grain, use the 'dry ice' treatment. About 200 grams/8 ounces of dry ice per hundred pounds of grain, or about 15 grams / ½ ounce per 5 litres (volume). WATCH! CHILDREN ARE NOT TO PLAY WITH DRY ICE - IT WILL BURN THEIR SKIN. Use extreme care when using glass containers because if you miscalculate, the glass can explode from the pressure.

Extracts from ‘The Coming Food Crisis’ by Frank Ford

Taken from HQL-0148, p. 3-5