Do We Know Who We Are?

The Australian FlagThe Australian Flag According to our esteemed Prime Minister, we Australians have an identity problem. It seems that after two centuries of association with Britain, the British Throne, the Common Law, and all the protection that these have given us, we do not really know who we are.

Well I have some news for our Prime Minister and his lackeys. Also, I am not alone in this. The true Australians who live in this country, the descendants of those who fought and died to preserve it, have no such identity problem as we are brainwashed into believing. We are not a part of Asia. We never have been, and please God, we never will be.

I watch in disbelief at the number of TV programmes that are on air featuring Asiatic settings. The squalor, the filth, the highly intensive living quarters, and the obvious poverty has got to be seen to be believed. I might add, I have been to both Singapore and Hong Kong, and travelled north into Malaya, and have seen it all first hand without having to rely on the movies. If people in their right minds really want to become part of this scene, then I suggest they go and live there for a while before they get too carried away with their emotions.

Now this is not an attack on Asiatic people. There are a great many fine, intelligent people among them. But that does not for one moment alter the fact of their culture. We seem to think that it is "Christian" to allow our culture to be changed in order to be compatible with Asiatic culture. But just try and change their culture to suit ours and see how you get on! We have nearly a million people out of work in this country, and yet we still bring in hundreds of thousands of new migrants each year to swell the dole queues, and then to make them citizens, entitled to vote, and to assume the highest offices in the land. If objecting to this is racist, then so be it! I am sick and tired of having to apologise for being white and British. If you want to know what being racist is, try going to Japan and becoming a citizen there. It just cannot be done! The naturalisation figures for Japan are NIL. You can only be a citizen of Japan if you are Japanese. And I might add, this is how it should be. You can only live in Japan for a certain period, before having to carry on your person at all times thereafter your visa, complete with fingerprints. They must hold us in absolute contempt for the way in which Australians treat our own culture and ancestry.

A nation's character has nothing to do with its geographical position in the world. It has everything to do with the culture of its ancestors, and the heritage which they passed on to us. The actions and decisions of our present leaders, not only politically, but unbelievably religiously, together with all those who are paranoid about anything British, is clearly aimed at destroying every vestige of the wonderful heritage that our fore-fathers left us. And if that heritage has the slightest connection with the Christian Faith, then it comes under more concentrated attack.

The greatest victims of discrimina­tion these days are not the racial, religious or social minorities as we are lead to believe ad nauseam. They are those who are proud to be white, and those who are dedicated to being Christian. If those who belonged to this group did and said things against all these other groups in our midst, to just a fraction of what they do and say against us, we would be in front of an anti-discrimination court before you could think.

It is time the Christians in our midst woke up to the fact that what is now transpiring is a deliberately engineered plan to discredit, and eventually destroy, the Christian faith and the Christian way of life. Our Commonwealth of Nations is the fulfilment of God's covenants to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so it has to go. Our flag is the symbol of this fulfilment, and of our Christian heritage, so it has to go. The Monarchy is the fulfilment of God's covenant with David, so it has to go. The "faith once delivered to the saints" is the guarantee of God's faithfulness, so it has to go.

If only these treasonous leaders would realise the danger they are in. There is a God in heaven who has issued His decree.

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD..." (ISAIAH 54:17).

God's Word makes it quite clear that in the very last days, our power as His people is to be scattered. What we are now seeing is this scattering process. But it is God who will have the final word, not our politicians. He has said: "This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise" (ISAIAH 43:21).

We have no identity problem. We are part of God's Israel people, and the sooner we wake up to the fact, and the sooner we act up to the responsibilities that go with this position, the sooner we will experience, on a national scale, the full blessings of the Lord.

by F. W. Dowsett, J.P.

Source: 'Wake Up!' magazine, July/August 1992