Disraeli and the Sweet Singer of Israel

Benjamin Disraeli (Benjamin of Israel), The Earl of Beaconsfield (1804-81), is among the most notable of the distinguished men who have held office as British Prime Minister. He was of Jewish extraction but of the Christian faith.

Inspired by a noble vision of the British Commonwealth and possessing the full confidence of Queen Victoria, Disraeli was not merely successful in upholding the prestige of the Island Kingdom against the machinations of Continental "Babylon"; he was also successful in securing for Britain the control of the vital Suez "gate" and possession of the important island of Cyprus.

Whether Disraeli was actuated by a knowledge of his country's true place in God's plan is not known; but the following lines, taken from his novel Tancred, are significant: "The most popular poet in England is the Sweet Singer of Israel. Since the days of the heritage, there never was a race who sang so often the odes of David as the people of Great Britain. It was the "sword of the Lord and of Gideon" that won the boasted liberties of England; and the Scots upon their hillsides achieved their religious freedom chanting the same canticles that cheered the heart of Judah amid their glens."

"...I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee" (HEBREWS 13:5).

by Reginald H. W. Cox

Source: 'Wake Up!' magazine, November/December 1992